Wednesday, November 21, 2018

100 YEARS OF KKE - We wrote History. We continue. We shall win!

"We wrote History. 
We continue. We shall win!"
Source: "Rizospastis"
17-18 November 2018.

"At Hotel 'Piraeus', in the conference room of the union of steamboats engineers, the first socialist congress of Greece commenced yesterday at its first meeting, with the main purpose being the unification of all the existing in Greece socialist groups into a single party, uniformly governed and represented at the International...".

With the above words "Rizospastis" was describing, 100 years ago, the most historical moment for the working class of our country. The beginning of the works of the founding Congress of SEKE, which a few years ago was renamed into KKE, thus starting an extraordinary century of struggles and sacrifice. Since then, there has not been the slightest achievement of the working class, of the popular strata, which does not bear the signature of the KKE's uncompromising activity, something that confirms in practice in Party's role as the "vanguard of the masses".

And from now on our Party enters powerfully in its second century, being taught, experienced, hardened, with an elaborated modern Program, for the gathering of forces, having as a prospect the overthrow of the rotten capitalist system, for the working class to come to the fore with its own power. 

We celebrate our 100 years giving the promise that we will multiply our efforts in order to realize our high goals, in order to strengthen our Party everywhere. The next few days must be marked by a very wide opening, to find and discuss with the thousands of workers who have been seriously concerned lately, who in the past may have made other political choices, drifting from the illusions that SYRIZA cultivated and now they realize its predicament. With those who appreciate the stablity, consistency, the selflessness of the KKE and can make the step and join us.

We therefore call the working people to use their experience, to find out that with a strong KKE, an actual difference can be made. The next few weeks will mark the escalation of the multifaceted activity for the Party's 100th anniversary, an activity which has been unfolding for 5 years now. 

* * * 

The front page of "Rizospastis" on 17-18th
November 2018, in honor of the 100 years of
the KKE: "With the People, For Socialism".
Οn the occasion of the anniversary, we recall that the declaration of the CC of the Party for the 100 years, which had been published with "Rizospastis" on January 20, 2018, was stating among other things:

"The KKE celebrates one century of struggles and sacrifices and is committed to the working class, and the people to be worthy of its history. It is committed to endeavour to fulfill its role as the revolutionary ideological-political vanguard of the working class. Based on its contemporary Programme and on the Marxist-Leninist worldview it will enhance its ability to endure and deal with all difficulties created by the correlation of forces at national and international level for the revolutionary struggle for socialism-communism.

We draw lessons from our 100 years’ experience and wage an every-day struggle to enhance the ability of the party forces in all workplaces, in all sectors of economy, in all regions to play a leading role in the development of militant, economic and political struggle that will be connected with the main political task, i.e. the revolutionary struggle for  working class power.

We increase our efforts to study the contemporary social phenomena, the scientific achievements in all fields, as well the significant experience from the problems that arose during the socialist construction of the 20th century in order to increase our ability to promote the historical necessity of socialism-communism , the need to resolve the basic contradiction of the capitalist system i.e. the contradiction between the unprecedented socialization of labour and production and the appropriation of its results by capital; to promote more effectively the new possibilities created by the development of the productive forces in the 21th century including the new scientific and technological achievements. (...)

We struggle decisively in order for the party organizations to strengthen their roots in the working class, to forge stronger links with the working people, especially in sectors of strategic importance, among young couples and working women, among immigrants and refugees. We work on a daily basis in order to build strong, militant party organizations that  will guide and contribute decisively to the class-oriented regroupment of the labour movement and to the formation of a social alliance between the working class the lower sections of the middle strata so that their common struggle is directed against the bourgeois power. (...)

At our 100th anniversary we honor all those people who were sacrificed, tortured, imprisoned, sent to exile for the ideals of our party.

We call on the people who fight today in a period that also requires sacrifices and self-denial, ideological and personal endurance in conditions of retreat, in conditions of increased personal and family needs; in a period that requires persistence and patience despite the lack of visible results and awareness of the significance of the daily revolutionary political activity under any circumstances.

We are confident that the immature seeds will soon mature, we are ready to respond to any developments and turning points of the class struggle.

The members and the friends of KKE celebrate 100 years of struggles and sacrifices and increase the efforts to strengthen the revolutionary characteristics of our party as a party of a new type, so as to increase its ability to act as a revolutionary vanguard under all circumstances.

We strengthen the KKE which is the basic precondition in order for the working class to fulfill its role as the force of social liberation, socialism-communism.

What we need today is a stronger KKE that will fight more effectively for the regroupment of the labour movement, the consolidation of the anti-capitalist anti-monopoly social alliance, capable of leading the struggle against imperialist war, for  working class power, for socialism-communism."

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