Thursday, June 1, 2017

Alexis Tsipras assures industrialists that the anti-people policy will continue

His committment in implementing new anti-people, anti-workers measures Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras expressed at the Hellenic Federation of Enteprises (SEV) annual general assembly on Wednesday. 

Tsipras delivered a speech during an event marking the 100th anniversary since SEV's foundation where he characterized the capitalist recovery of the economy as a "national goal". 

"The future of the economy for many decades will be judged at this time. We must be united before a goal of national importance," Tsipras said. The demand for sustainable growth and a national plan for radical changes had yet to be fulfilled, he said, while the years of crisis had amply demonstrated that the previous production model had failed. This model would have to be redesigned in order for Greece to exit the crisis and the country was now asking its creditors to meet their own commitments, enabling Greece to access the markets on its own merits.

The new production model that Tsipras referred to is actually the continuation of the harsh anti-workers measures that his coalition government, like the previous ones, have implemented. They are measures which impose hard austerity for the working class and the popular masses, while, on the same time, they promote and advance capitalist profitability.

Prime Minister Tsipras said the government was currently working hard so that differences with all the lenders might be bridged and everyone arrive at a positive sustainability analysis for Greece's debt. Connecting the debt regulation with the plan that his government aspires to implement for the capital's interests, Tsipras underlined that the country's creditors - including the European Central Bank - "must now assume their responsibilities".

In fact, the speech of PM Alexis Tsipras at the Hellenic Federation of Enterprises' annual general assembly was another example of his committment to the profitability of the capitalists. He tries to prove that his SYRIZA-ANEL coalition government is the "best implementor" of austerity packages and anti-people measures.