Sunday, April 16, 2017

TKP: Erdoğan and AKP government are no longer legitimate after devious referendum's results

The CC of the Communist Party of Turkey (TKP) released a statement declaring Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and AKP government as illegitimate after the devious results of Sunday's referendum was revealed.

The statement of TKP is as follows:

The referendum results, which are designated with tyranny, cheating and stealing, do not have any legitimacy. Those who attempt to celebrate this result mock the people. 

We call our people, who do not submit, to unite, to act organised and not to accept 'fait accomplish'. 

A political power does not receive its legitimacy only with the latest votes it gains. Election results are not enough to become a government which can do whatever it desires. 

AKP regime, carrying a public enemy and reactionary character since its first day, has long been out of social legitimacy. Further to that, the results of the referendum held on April 16th is nothing but a confirmation of this illegitimate situation. 

Voting on April 16th has gone to the floor and become obsolete in terms of approving and rejecting constitutional amendments. After this point, there is zero chance for the society to accept a “yes” result to be declared. Leaving which party to take which position aside, TKP  already declares that it rejects such a result.

This election has the marks of tyranny and cheating. The decision of Supreme Committee of Elections to accept unsealed voting papers and envelopes as valid does not fit in any lawful or impartial concepts.

AKP stopped at nothing and applied pressures. The result is a significant decrease in their votes and their receiving half of the votes with the help of boundless manipulations and forgeries.  

The governing party’s ruling capability is destroyed, losing the most of larger cities and city centres of which it kept hold for years. 

Its attempt to “celebrate its victory” despite these facts means only one thing, apart from mocking our people: We count this kind of push fullness a call for a showdown. The working people and intellectuals of Turkey, all our citizens who are devoted to the values of republic accumulated energy to come to terms with reactionary powers.

It is pointless for AKP, who considers ruling this country in line with the interests of the enemies of the working people, capitalist forces, and monopolies, to try to survive by once again relying on those powers.  

TKP calls our people to be on alert, not to accept fait accomplish and with this aim, to organise.