Tuesday, April 4, 2017

KKE: Full solidarity with Venezuela's Communist Party, denounces electoral ban threats

In a statement, the Press Office of the CC of the Communist Party of Greece (KKE) expresses its solidarity to the Communist Party of Venezuela (PCV) and denounces the threats by the National Electoral Council to exclude it from the elections:

"The KKE denounces in the most decisive way the threat of ban of the CP of Venezuela by the country's National Electoral Council, firmly standing by the side of the communists and will strengthen the efforts for the mass expression of the international solidarity. 

The attempt against the PCV is based on the enactment of a law passes in 1965 by the police-state, anticommunist regime of the time which attempted to impose additional control mechanisms to the political activity.

The National Electoral Council provocatively asks from the Communist Party of Venezuela to submit lists of its members in order to "renew" its entitlement as a recognized party and these data will be in the hands of the state mechanism as well as accessed through the internet.

This attempt against the PCV, which is the most consistent defender of the interests of the working class and the people's rights, takes place in a moment of intensity of the deadlocks and the crisis of the capitalist way of development in the country and the threats against the people and the popular movement are sharpening. 

The country's government and the political forces which support or tolerate this attack bear great responsibilities.

The working class, the popular strata must draw conclusions and defend the PCV from this new attack and take into account the historical experience which shows that the attacks on the communists always consist the precursor of broader strikes against the people's rights and achievements.

The KKE expresses its full support to the Communist Party of Venezuela and its decision not to hand over details of their members to  the bourgeois state and stands in solidarity with the nationwide mobilization organized by the PCV on April 7th against the attempt to outlaw the party".

Source: 902.grTranslation: In Defense of Communism ©.