Sunday, December 11, 2016

Turkey: Anadolu University tolerates jihadists, bans Fidel commemoration!

According to SOL InternationalAnadolu University in Eskişehir banned the commemoration of Fidel Castro last week, but the rectorate allowed IHH, a foundation known for supporting and funding jihadists to open a stand within the university. Students reacted against the decision.

Anadolu University in Eskişehir allows İHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation, a reactionary foundation known for its explicit support to jihandist groups, especially Al-Qaida, to open a stand in university and to propogate under the cover of “aid to Aleppo.”

Nonetheless, last week, security personel of the university attacked university students for commemorating Fidel Castro. A student that talked to soL news said that the University Administration supports radical Islamists and added, “last week they did not allowed to memorialise Castro but now it is ok for jihadists to open a stand. This campaign revealed the relationship between Administration and reactionary foundations and associations."