Friday, June 23, 2023

Workers Party of Ireland: "KKE's struggle is also our struggle and the struggle of the workers of the world"

In a message of solidarity addressed to the KKE on the occasion of June 25 parliamentary elections in Greece, the Workers Party of Ireland points out the following:

"Dear comrades, 

The Workers Party of Ireland sends warm comradely greetings to the Communist Party of Greece and sends its best wishes, solidarity and support to the KKE for the elections next Sunday. 

The KKE, through its struggles and mass political work, has demonstrated its unswerving commitment to the interests of the Greek working class and the poor popular strata and has made clear that no solution is to be found through bourgeois management and the capitalist development path.

Only the KKE can be trusted. In circumstances where the world continues to experience the malign and bloody effects of imperialism; the vicious assaults on workers’ living conditions and labour rights; ongoing capitalist crises and the anarchy of capitalist production, Greek workers need a strong communist party, the KKE. 

A strong vote for the KKE in this election will represent a clear class choice which will strengthen the working class and the poor, weaken the bourgeois political system and demonstrate a decisive rejection of the rotten system which condemns the people in order to enhance the profits of the monopolies. 

The struggle of the KKE is also our struggle and the struggle of the workers of the world. We wish our comrades in the KKE success in the elections taking place next Sunday and in its ongoing and continuing struggle to establish workers’-people’s power, for the overthrow of capitalism and the construction of the new socialist-communist society.

Long live proletarian internationalism! 

Victory to the KKE!

With sincere communist greetings,

Ted Tynan, President

Gerry Grainger, International Secretary

Central Executive Committee – Workers Party of Ireland.