Monday, January 15, 2024

Greece: New mobilizations against the presence of US-NATO ships in the country

People’s protests against the escalation of the presence of US-NATO ships and troops in Greece continue. Greece’s ND government, together with its NATO allies, is involving the country more and more deeply in the dangerous imperialist plans and wars against the peoples of the region.

On Saturday 13th January in Thessaloniki, the Greek Committee for International Detente and Peace (EEDYE) organized a rally against the presence of NATO ships of the US, Germany and G. Britain with the slogan: “Thessaloniki is a port of the peoples, not a launching pad for the imperialists”.

The working people and the youth who participated in the militant rally and march organized by the Peace Committee of Pieria, on Sunday 14th January in Litohoro, demanded that the murderers of the peoples leave the village. The rally sent a strong message against the presence of US Marines in the region in the framework of war exercises.

On Friday 12th January, from the port of Piraeus, Nikos Ambatielos, member of the KKE's Central Committee and MP, addressed the rally of KKE organizations against the presence of the USS Bataan warship, stressing the following: "Together with the people of Piraeus and of all Greece, we are here to demand the disengagement of our country from these dangerous plans, as we did last February when the US aircraft carrier George Bush anchored off Piraeus, as we did when the French ship "De Gaulle" was here. We will always condemn this presence with our struggles, they should bear it in mind".