Monday, January 22, 2024

Free Haitham Dafallah! Sudanese Communist Party newspaper's editor abducted by paramilitary forces

In a statement, the Chairman of Al Midan Newspaper, organ of the Sudanese Communist Party, calls for the release of journalist Haitham Dafallah (photo):

"Mr. Haitham Dafallah, the managing director of the Sudanese Communist Party's Al Midan Newspaper, was detained yesterday from his home in the Al-Jaref West neighborhood east of the capital Khartoum. The detention was carried out by members of the Rapid Support Forces, who control the area. 

We urgently call on all human rights organizations, the international and progressive press, and communist and worker’s parties, to condemn the arbitrary detention of journalist Haitham Dafalla. His dignity and safety must be guaranteed. 

We express deep concern for the well-being, dignity, and safety of our colleague Haitham Dafallah. We call for his immediate release.

Fathi Mohamed Al Fadl,

Chairman of the Board, Al Midan"