Tuesday, April 4, 2023

Finland: The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie

Finland's social democrat PM Sanna Marin.

 By Panos Alepliotis.

No, it's not about another unknown Bunuel film. But if he had lived and knew about Finland's election results, he could write a script and direct something similar.

After the Social Democrats did the “dirty work” of throwing the country into NATO and building a 300 km long wall against Russia, they failed to come on top in the elections. No particular surprise... The right came in first place, the ultra-right in second and Sanna only in third place. It seems that the Finns are are ungrateful...

They had a very modern Prime Minister. Female, young, beautiful, activist, leftist... a very suitable combination to do the dirty work that the right could not or dare not do.

Sanna was the lesser evil in 2019. The fascists weren't allowed to come, it was said then, and therefore Sanna emerged as the Finland's democratic alternative. But she did rough work for the bourgeoisie and then you think just like in Sweden, Italy, Hungary and other countries: Why should you vote for supposed democrats and leftists when they still run a right-wing policy?

The original was voted for and the otherwise vile fascists increased and became the second largest power. Just like in Sweden, when the Social Democrats applied to NATO, they restricted workers' rights, introduced austerity policies and favored capital especially during the pandemic - and therefore no longer appeared as the lesser evil.

Such political formations that call themselves "left" or "centrist" have proven throughout history that they are weak to the charms of the bourgeoisie. They become more loyal to capital than those called right or blue or conservative. Unfortunately, they still dominate throughout Europe and pave the way for harsher capitalist policies, especially when they simultaneously contribute to the division and pacification of the labor movement.

Sanna, Tsipras and Macron should feel proud. They have proven to the capital that they are a good reserve should they be needed again.

One should not be surprised and wonder why the fascists – or, okay, the ultra-right - are getting stronger. You shouldn't stand with your hands down like the actors in Bunuel's film. Take things into your own hands and fight the fascists, those who pretend the democrats and the supposed left by fighting capitalism.

Translated from riktpunkt.nu