Wednesday, December 21, 2022

Venezuela: PSUV government gives good news to the capitalists while it viciously hits the working people

"The Government gives good news to the capitalists while it viciously hits the working people", this is how Pedro Eusse, member of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Venezuela (PCV), referred to the recent information on financial matters given by the Venezuelan government while "a terrible devaluation of the national currency" is advancing.

A few days ago, Vice President Delcy Rodríguez informed the country that "in spite of the criminal blockade" the financial sector had increased its deposits by 210%.
Rodríguez also assured in her Twitter account that the Government will take "actions in defense of the exchange market and the official rate, disturbed by the speculative criminal dollar", but did not give details on how this will be done.

This devaluation of the Bolívar "is the result of the general capitalist crisis and of bourgeois liberal policies that are creating conditions so that the capitalists can have maximum profit at the lowest possible cost, destroying labor rights and above all the salary", said Eusse during a press conference.

The communist leader informed that "an elite tripartite agreement is underway, sponsored by the International Labor Organization (ILO), in which Fedecámaras, the employers' union leaders and this neo-liberal government are agreeing to legalize the retroactive stripping of social benefits".

"This is being promoted by the former president of Fedecámaras, Jorge Roig, with his so-called Labor Emergency Law, with which they aspire that an important part of the remunerations will not be taken into account for the calculation of social benefits and other concepts established in the legislation", he added.

Eusse recalled that this comes along with the imposition of employer dispositions "where workers are forced to over-exploitation conditions with working hours in violation of the law that can reach between 12 and 14 hours a day; working hours where there is no respect for safety and health conditions at work, there are no collective bargaining agreements and there is no freedom of trade unions".

"A model of labor relations without rights is being imposed in Venezuela. This is being imposed by the employers' leaderships of private capital and the Government with its anti-worker and anti-polar policy", he pointed out.

II Plenum of the PCV Central Committee

The PCV successfully held the II Plenum of the Central Committee elected a little more than a month ago by the 16th National Congress.

Eusse informed that the secretariats and national work commissions of the Party were designated "to make the exercise of the collective leadership more efficient" and "in order to advance in the defense of the interests of the Venezuelan working class and to confront, in better conditions, the policies of big capital that are destroying the rights of the workers of our country".

"We have made an evaluation of how the crisis of capitalism is advancing and deepening and how in Venezuela, the Government is advancing in a policy at the service of the interests of big capital", he said.

"This plenary session of the Central Committee has reaffirmed the commitment of our party with the impulse of a process of the broadest unity of action of the Venezuelan working class and in that sense we are in solidarity with the struggles that are developing against layoffs, against illegal suspensions, the destruction of wages, for the recovery of the collective bargaining agreements, against the Onapre instructions and for the right to strike", he added.