Monday, December 12, 2022

Is Twitter manipulated by Ukrainian Fascism?

Twitter did it again! Without any prior notification and without any concrete explanation, the social media platform proceeded to the “temporary locking” of “In Defense of Communism” twitter account. The pretext behind this politically-motivated act was that a tweet with a reference to the Holodomor – the notorious anti-communist myth of the Ukrainian famine – was “violating the Twitter Rules”.
The tweet was a photo bearing the message “Holodomor is a lie made up by fascists”. Apparently, numerous Ukrainian and non-Ukrainian fascists, neo-Nazis and anti-communists reported the tweet as “offensive” thus leading to the temporary locking of the account. 

The suspension comes in a period following the shameful and unhistorical recognition of the Holodomor as a "genocide" by the Germany's Bundestag, as well as the promotion of similar resolutions in the European Parliament.

Nonetheless, this isn't the first time that Twitter proceeds to the suspension of IDC account. Back in November 2019, without any single justification, the social media platform had suspended the account for a few days due to the multiple reports made by fascist trolls. In a comment back then we underlined: “We strongly denounce the suspension of @id_communism account by TWITTER which, we believe, is politically motivated. Promoting the ideology of socialism-communism, the account became a target of anti-communist mechanisms and as well as right-wing and fascist internet trolls”.

Everybody knows the role of social media giants, like Elon Musk's Twitter, Zuckerberg's META, etc, as tools in the hands of the bourgeois class and promoters of the imperialists' interests. No one must have any kind of illusions about the role of these platforms which are broadly used by secret services and various surveillance mechanisms.

We have appealed to Twitter for the immediate restoration of the account, noting that its suspension, even the temporary one, is a blatant violation of freedom of speech and an outright act of anti-communism.