Thursday, September 29, 2022

Sweden's Communist Party appeals against the results of September's elections

The Communist Party of Sweden (SKP) has decided to appeal against the results of the 11th September general election, stressing out that the electoral system has been designed in such an unjust way that the results are more or less predetermined.

In a statement published in “Riktpunkt”, the SKP points out that the entire process of the elections was marked by irregularities and distortions. According to the communists, the legal system favors the big parliamentary parties distributing to them large amounts of funds thus favoring them over other, smaller parties. 
At the same time, tax funds are used for the printing and distribution of the major parties' ballot papers, while small parties, such as the SKP, are excluded from this procedure thus assuming the high printing and distribution costs to each polling station. Therefore, large parts of the country's population haven't the opportunity to vote for smaller, opposition parties, or even learn about their existence, something that creates an important advantage for the parties of the establishment.

The SKP denounces “both systematic and spontaneous sabotage, where the ballots of particular parties can be hidden from voters using various readily available methods” something that has occurred on several reported occasions.

The Communist Party underlines that the election campaign is dominated by the large monopolies of media, including state-owned media, which openly promote the big parliamentary parties. “They follow their political orientation and create an advertising situation transformed into a norm where an undeniable notion is created that the citizens have to choose between the established "democratic" parties”, points out the SKP.

Finally, the SKP reminds that the party was denied the right to run under its own name (Communist Party of Sweden). “The decision was delayed by the Electoral Authority to the extent that the delivery of our ballot papers was delayed and that our opportunities to conduct election campaigns on equal, implicitly democratic, conditions were greatly delayed”.

“”Democracy" remains a democracy for the wealthy, for those whose interests are already represented by conservative parties; the electoral process becomes nothing more than a mask to preserve a fundamentally unjust system”, stresses out the Communist Party and demands the annulment of the electoral results in their entirety.