Saturday, September 17, 2022

KKE denounces new incident of anti-communism in the European Parliament

The European Parliament continues being an endless source of anti-communist propaganda. In a statement published on portal, the EU Parliament Group of the Communist Party of Greece (KKE) denounces a new anti-communist resolution which repeats the known slanders against the Soviet Union and socialism.

More specifically, in a joint resolution under the name “Human rights violations in the context of forced deportation of Ukrainian civilians to and forced adoption of Ukrainian children in Russia”, the European People's Party (EPP), Social Democrats, Liberals, Greens and the far-right Conservatives and Reformists (ECR), included an unacceptable paragraph, completely unrelated to the topic and content of the text, which aims to distort reality by equating today's capitalist Russia with the Soviet Union! 
The included paragraph repeats the known, unhistorical and hideous slanders about “Soviet occupation and crimes against humanity” and concludes by calling for a new round of persecutions against communist ideology, communists and the Communist Party that already takes place in a number of EU member-states.

“Anti-communism, which is the official ideology of the EU, feeds the far-right parties, the fascist groups and Nazi gangs that claim a “regulatory political role” in her member-states and institutions. The EU institutions, the bourgeois parties and their governments in the member-states are deeply mistaken if they thing that with anti-communist slurs and lies they will prevent the transformation of popular anger into struggle against their rotten exploitative system, thus realizing the historical necessity: It's overthrow!”, points out the KKE Group in EU Parliament.