Tuesday, January 11, 2022

The "petty leftists" and Kazakhstan

The following article (here in Greek) was published in today's "Rizospastis", the organ of the CC of the Communist Party of Greece (KKE) and consists a very accurate comment for all those who rushed to condemn the popular mobilizations in Kazakhstan and side themselves with the bourgeois Kazakh government and its Russian allies:

The "petty leftists" and Kazakhstan

Recently, on the occasion of the events in Kazakhstan, some “petty leftists”, who in their effort to pave the way for a SYRIZA government a few years ago had been distinguished for their anti-KKE passion, “struck again”. 

This time they accuse the KKE for supporting the popular mobilizations in Kazakhstan. The authors of such “pieces”, once praisers of the “Arab Spring”, today focus only on the imperialist plans and interests, degrading or even eliminating any workers-popular struggle.

Such is their passion for supporting the current regime in Kazakhstan that they argue that the media distort reality “when it comes to countries (including their political leaders) which are outside the West's system of value, or even worse, which fight hard against it”.

It should be noted that solidarity towards the popular mobilizations in Kazakhstan was also expressed by other Communist Parties of the region, such as the Communist Workers' Party of Russia (RCWP) and the Socialist Party of Latvia.

Indeed, it still remains a sealed secret how the leadership of Kazakhstan “is fighting” the West to which it has handed over 75 per cent of the country's mining wealth.

Seems that the “petty leftists” didn't notice that energy monopolies such as “Chevron” and “ExxonMobil” (USA), “Total” (France), “Royal Dutch Shell” (Britain and the Netherlands), “ArcelorMittal” (in the steel industry), have been established in Kazakhstan for years, making huge profits from its exploitation.

The “petty leftists” haven't yet noticed the luxury in which the representatives of Kazakhstan's bourgeois class live, in their villas in London and other cosmopolitan centers, while the people suffer, with 13 per cent stating that their income isn't enough even for food and 44 per cent stressing out that their income is enough only for their nutrition.

The “petty leftists” haven't been informed yet that the regime of Kazakhstan has banned all opposition forces, imposing restrictions on trade unionism, while it sponsors nationalist organizations, proceeds to the vindication of the Nazis, the Nazi “Turkestan Legion”, by erecting a monument for its leader, Mustafa Sokhai.

These “petty leftists”, although 30 years have passed since the overthrow of socialism and the dissolution of the USSR, still cannot realize the role of capitalist Russia and its alliances in their intra-imperialist rivalry with the U.S and NATO.

But the major thing that the various “petty leftists”, who are involved in deliberate “geopolitical analyses”, do not want to understand is that these imperialist plans and contradictions, as well as the clash between local bourgeois interests, the exploitation of even armed groups such as those which acted provocatively in Kazakhstan to advance their individual goals, do not develop detached from society that breeds poverty, unemployment, repression, where class exploitation “reigns”. Where the necessity of the workers to fight in order to change this situation is de facto emerged.

This struggle of the workers, of the people, small or larger, will always have the support of the KKE, of the communists of Greece.