Friday, December 17, 2021

EU Parliament: KKE denounces new anti-Cuban resolution

Another despicable resolution against Cuba was adopted by the European Parliament on December 16th. The text titled “The situation in Cuba” comes as a continuation of the hideous and unacceptable resolution that had been adopted in Strasbourg on September 16, 2021.

Using once again the fake allegations about the so-called “human rights abuses” in Cuba, the new resolution refers to a number of paid U.S. agents – closely related to U.S. governmental and non-governmental anti-Cuban institutions - who are presented as supposed “dissidents” and “freedom fighters”. 
The shameful resolution was tabled by MEPs from the “European People's Party” (EPP), the “Renew Europe” group and the “European Conservatives and Reformists” and was supported by a number of right-wing but also social democratic parties.

In its intervention, the Euro-parliament team of the Communist Party of Greece (KKE) denounced the unacceptable resolution, More specifically, speaking at the Plenary of the EU Parliament, KKE MEP Lefteris Nikolaou-Alavanos pointed out:

“With today's debate, the European Parliament and the EU continue the provocative plan for imperialist intervention in Cuba, which was implemented by the US, the anti-Cuban mafia and a few forces inside the country. The EU, with the well-known tool of the supposed “rights violations”, openly sponsors known actors who have led the destabilization operation and who are linked to the well-paid propaganda and “service” mechanism, thus claiming a share in the imperialist intervention.

The militant response of the Cuban people, the numerous demonstrations in support of the Revolution, the expression of popular internationalist solidarity from all over the world towards the Cuban people, the government and the Communist Party of Cuba, can overthrow the counterrevolutionary plans of the US, the EU and their supporters.

The biggest crime against the rights of the Cuban people is the criminal blockade that has lasted for almost 60 years, the 245 sanctions maintained and strengthened by the Biden government, which deprive the people of goods and valuable services. We demand its immediate lift!

The intervention plans will not pass! Solidarity to the struggle of Cuba and her people to defend the achievements of the Revolution. Cuba will win!”.