Tuesday, December 14, 2021

30th anniversary of the dissolution of the USSR: "Socialism remains the future and the only way out for the people"

“Socialism remains the future and the only actual way out for the people” underlined Kostas Papadakis, MEP of the Communist Party of Greece (ΚΚΕ) during his intervention at the debate on the “30th anniversary of the dissolution of the Soviet Union” held in the Plenary Session of the European Parliament.

In his intervention (here in Greek), the KKE MEP said:

“Thirty years after the overthrow of socialism in the Soviet Union, anti-communism and the persecutions of communists are intensifying. This fact expresses weakness and not strength for capitalism. You are trying to shield the exploitative system you serve. Your promises for peace and prosperity in capitalism have been refuted. Competitions, wars, interventions of imperialists who kill and uproot people. Your bankrupt system squeezes those workers who work, causes unemployment and poverty, while homeless people are searching in the garbage.

Unemployment was an unknown word in the Soviet Union and workers were not dying waiting for a hospital bed or in searching for oxygen to be found, because there were no Health business groups to profit from human suffering, from the need for vaccination. There were not millions of people without insurance, retired persons did not have to work, no child was left without a kindergarten, education was a conquered right.

Socialism is the one that crushed fascism and the only one that, for decades, solved the biggest and most pressing problems that plague capitalism and billions of people. That is why - no matter what the mechanisms of the system do – socialism remains the future and the only real way out for the people”.