Friday, December 10, 2021

How is it possible that Cuba has survived?

Although many are already predicting the decline of the empire, the United States continues to be one of the most powerful nations in the world from an economic and military point of view.

The government has spent millions and millions of dollars to attack Cuba in every possible way. They have practiced terrorism. They have trained and advised all kinds of opposition leaders, from ladies in white to ex-Marxist intellectuals, to gossipy youtubers and mediocre artists.

They have attempted to asphyxiate our economy, cut the jugular vein of our economic opportunities. They have bombarded national and international public opinion on a daily basis, with artillery of influencers working to discredit Cuban socialism, demoralize our leaders, distort our history, magnify our limitations and contradictions, destroy consensus, weaken collective consciousness and stir up dissatisfaction to the boiling point.

They have attempted to destabilize the country using the discontent of the sectors hardest hit by the blockade. They have created an army of fake accounts, bots, trolls, fake news channels, and other social network delights.

Having faced so much and all of this, Cuba is alive and will continue to live. And it is beautiful. How is this possible? Because we have not forgotten our history, despite postmodern efforts to erase the people’s memory. Because we are organized, in spite of the global neoliberal offensive against any collective articulation. Because we have effective rights to defend, despite the brutal inequality and violence that plague our region, fragile because of so much cardboard democracy. Because we have socialism, memory, love, courage, intelligence, science, determination, dreams, convictions and utopias.

 Karima Oliva Bello/