Thursday, May 13, 2021

Israeli communists and leftists: STOP THE WAR IN GAZA

Following a call by Hadash - the Democratic Front for Peace and Equality - as well as other pro-peace groups and organizations, hundreds of people demonstrated on Tuesday and Wednesday across Israel, demanding an end to the bombing of Gaza. 

In Tel Aviv, under the slogan "Stop the fire", anti-war demonstrators gathered outside the headquarters of Likud party and demanded an immediate ceasefire. In Jerusalem, the protesters marched to Zion Square where police forces forcibly dispersed them and a young woman was arrested. Similar demonstrations took place in Haifa's Ben Gurion boulevard. 

Many demonstrations took place during the week in the Arab localities and in common cities against the brutal repression in East Jerusalem and against the military attacks in Gaza. In Jaffa, Ramla and Lod, hundreds of Arab residents demonstrated against the occupation. Following the demonstrations, right-wing thugs launched attacks against the Arab population in Ramla and Lod, and shot dead Musa Hasson, a 25-year-old resident of Lod. Another 20-year-old resident was moderately injured, and dozens of Arab protesters were arrested by police. 

Fifteen demonstrators were arrested in Rahat, while 20 demonstrators were arrested in Tel Sheva and Segev Shalom. In Umm al-Fahm, several protesters were arrested following a demonstration. 

In a statement about the escalation of Israeli government's aggression, Hadash points out: 

"In a desperate attempt to maintain power, Netanyahu is dragging us into a dangerous war that will wreak havoc on the two peoples. War will only bring more killing, suffering and pain. We demand an end to the escalation. We demand an end to the fire. We demand the only solution to the situation. The end of the occupation, the end of the siege of Gaza and the establishment of a Palestinian state alongside Israel, whose capital is East Jerusalem". 

"We are concerned about the deterioration of the situation and the escalation into violence. We oppose any harm to innocent civilians and call for them to be kept out of the cycle of violence and hostility. We warned again and again that Netanyahu would set fire to the area in order to maintain his rule, and here it happened. We support and encourage demonstrations, and believe in the basic right to protest", reads the Hadash statement. /