Thursday, January 7, 2021

Trump's fascism shall not pass! America's communist and pro-worker parties react to Washington DC riots

In public statements and posts on social media, Communist and pro-worker parties in the United States strongly condemn the riots caused by Trump supporters in Washington DC, pointing out that the far-right, fascist and nationalist menace must be defeated by the people's struggle. 

In a comment on Twitter, the Party of Communists, USA (PCUSA) pointed out:

"The situation that happened in Capitol Hill today should show the whole country the danger of nationalism and the type of danger that Trump and his base represents. This was a taste of the terror we can expect from this group is nothing is done about it. Join and organize."
From its side, an editorial published in the "People's World", the newspaper of the Communist Party, USA (CPUSA), underlines that "Trump's fascist insurrection in D.C. aims to destroy U.S. democracy". Among others, the article reads:
"For years, Trump has been telling us who and what he is. A fascist has occupied the White House since January 2017. If he could get a general or two to go along with him and provide the troops for it, is there really any doubt anymore that Trump would completely destroy U.S. democracy?

For those paying attention, it has long been obvious that Trump was a threat to the very survival of democratic government in this country. The events in Washington on Jan. 6th make it totally undeniable.

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: No to the Trump coup."
In a statement about the events in Washington D.C, the Freedom Road Socialist Organization (FRSO) says that "racists and reactionaries must be defeated". The statement ends as follows:
"This attempt to keep Trump in power says a lot about the direction this country heading in. The U.S. empire is eroding, and monopoly capitalism is a sick and dying system, and its failed political representatives were front and center in Washington DC today. It is imperative that all of us who yearn for better future act. We need to stay in the streets and fight for an agenda that represents the interests of the people. The road ahead will be a difficult one, but the future is bright!"
A statement about the events in the U.S. Capitol was also issued by the Party for Socialism and Liberation (PSL) which denounces President Trump for "inciting fascist insurrection against Congress". 

"The events that transpired today are a serious embarrassment for the U.S. ruling class on the world stage and weaken the global position of U.S. imperialism", stresses out the PSL statement which ends with the following words:
"What really must happen is that all those responsible for today’s historic act of fascist aggression be brought to justice. This especially includes Donald Trump, and those in the military and police hierarchy who used their positions to facilitate today’s events. A coalition built on collusion between the police, elements of the Department of Defense, and a fascist mob has launched an unprecedented attack. The menace of the far right can only be decisively defeated by a militant, united front of the multinational working class."