Friday, January 8, 2021

Statement of the Party of Communists, USA (PCUSA) regarding the January 6th events in Washington DC

Concerning the January 6th events in Washington DC, the Political Bureau of the  Party of Communists, USA (PCUSA) issued the following statement:

"On January 6th, 2021, the day that Congress was set to ratify the results of the 2020 election, a far-right mob descended upon the Capitol, with the explicit goal to conduct a coup in support of Donald Trump. This mob, consisting of supporters of failed movements, such as the Confederacy, South Vietnam, and other anti-communist reactionaries, came together to support this anti-democratic, fascistic goal to install a reactionary dictatorship.

There was very little resistance from the Capitol Police; however, once the mob reached the chamber’s doors, there was a limited armed stand-off, which resulted in the death of one of the far-right protesters. Despite this fact, it is quite clear that there was collusion between the fascistic forces and the Capitol Police. Police were seen interacting with the protestors in a friendly manner, taking pictures with them, shaking their hands, and even opening the gate for them. It is impossible for the police and the military to be unaware of a planned mass protest at the center of the Federal Government. How else could it be that for almost four hours, and the mob be allowed to ransack the Senate and House chambers? Despite the mayor of Washington D.C.’s request to send in the National Guard, days before the protest, it was refused. It is more than suspicious that the request for the National Guard to be sent in was refused; it is a clear sign of collaboration between the police and the far-right mob.

In response to the mob’s attack, President-Elect Joe Biden stated, "our democracy is under unprecedented assault" and called on Donald Trump to call for the protesters’ immediate dispersal on national television. This milquetoast response was an embarrassment, and it is unimaginable for the President-Elect to not call for the arrest of those behind this attempted coup. If these had been Black Lives Matter, peace, or communist, protesters they would have, at best, been arrested before they even reached the steps of the Capitol. More likely than not, they would have been shot. Black protesters would most certainly have suffered a worse fate.

Why did this insurrection happen now? After 300 years of this country’s history, why are we only experiencing a situation such as this now? What has transpired is a result of capitalist decay; our economic and political system has failed to adequately address the global pandemic that has accelerated our economic decline. The ruling class has run out of ways to continue to extract profit from working people, with neoliberal reforms resulting in a decades long decline in the working class’ quality of life and ever-rising unemployment. Only a united working class has the capability to make drastic social change because of their relationship to the means of production
factories, natural resources, and the labor force itself."