Tuesday, January 19, 2021

A convicted Nazi in the European Parliament: He should be in prison but instead he enjoys freedom in Brussels

Three months after the trial of Golden Dawn in Greece – the largest court hearing of a Nazi group since Nuremberg – two members of its hierarchy remain at large. One of them is Golden Dawn's founding member Yiannis Lagos who has appealed against the court verdict from the safety of the European Parliament, where he is a member.

Since October, Greek judicial authorities have requested the waiver of his immunity by the EU Parliament. However, despite calls by MEPs, Parties and anti-fascist organizations for Lagos to “excluded from all democratic processes”, he continues to address the EU Parliament's sessions and provoke through his far-right, racist and nationalist rages in social media. 

As 902 portal reports, in a letter address to the President of the EU Parliament David Sassoli the Communist Party of Greece (KKE) MEPs Kostas Papadakis and Lefteris Nikolaou-Alavanos denounce the unacceptable delay in lifting the immunity of the convicted Nazi Y. Lagos.

“Three whole months have passes since the final decision of the Greek court that condemned the Golden Dawn Nazi criminal organization. All its senior members which were convicted of directing a criminal organization have been imprisoned, except for two: one who escapes arrest and the MEP, elected by the Nazi organization, Y. Lagos”, reads the letter of the KKE eurodeputies.

They also point out: “Since 19 October you have officially received the request for the waiver of his immunity. However, in the last meeting of the Legal Affairs Committee last week, although the examination of 4 requests for the waiver of MEPs immunity had been scheduled, Lagos' one was not included. The convicted Nazi criminal is scheduled to speak again in the plenary session of January 2021, while he continues to provoke from Brussels with his posts on Social Media.

You have full political responsibility for this unacceptable, months-long delay of the competent Legal Affairs Committee to consider lifting his immunity. The indignation of our people is great, much more than the second criminal Nazi Pappas escaped despite the assurances of the ND government, its competent minister and high-ranking police officers, while the worries about what the convicted Yiannis Lagos prepares in order to escape, are multiplying”.

The KKE MEPs letter to David Sassoli underlines that the delay “raises serious questions and the practice followed under your responsibility despises and provokes the Greek people, the victims of Golden Dawn's Nazi criminals and their families who fought to bring these criminals to prison”.

The Communist Party eurodeputies demand the immediate completion of all necessary procedures for the immediate waiver of Nazi criminal Lagos's immunity in order to send him where he should be: in prison.