Thursday, January 21, 2021

KKE bids farewell to long-time cadre Makis Mailis

Makis Mailis, a long-time member of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Greece (KKE) and head of the Party's History Section, died on Wednesday at 71.  
In a statement the CC of the KKE bids farewell to Mailis, calling him “a hardworking, persistent, militant and creative comrade who dedicated his whole life to the Party”. 

“He served with militancy and modesty the principles of the KKE, with unwavering faith to socialism-communism, against the attack and the anti-communism of the system's mechanisms”, points out the statement.

Makis Mailis, born in Elefsina in 1950, became a member of the Communist Youth (KNE) in 1969 and a member of the KKE in 1973. He participated in the 1973 Athens' Polytechnic Uprising which led to the fall of the military dictatorship. He was elected an alternate member of the of the CC of the KKE in the 10th Congress in 1978 and a full member during the Party's 12th Congress in 1987. 
He remained a firm supporter of the Party's Marxist-Leninist ideology during the counterrevolutionary overthrows of 1989-1991. Among others, he served as a member of the Political Bureau of the CC of the KKE, head of the Press Bureau of the CC and head of the Party's History Section.

“Comrade Makis Mailis had a significant contribution to the elaboration of the revolutionary strategy of the Party and the militant defense of socialist construction, alongside the drawing of the necessary conclusions after the overthrow of socialism. During his time in the History Section, he was particularly focused on the study and writing of the Party's history, especially the publication of the Essays of the History of the KKE”, reads the statement of the Party.