Tuesday, August 25, 2020

KKE in the European Parliament: Denounces the intervention of EU-NATO-U.S in Belarus

During an extraordinary meeting of the European Parliament's Foreign Affairs Committee regarding the situation in Belarus, the representative of the Communist Party of Greece (KKE) Kostas Papadakis denounced the intervention of the EU, NATO and U.S. in  the country. 

As 902 portal reported, in his speech the KKE MEP pointed out the following:

"From here, we denounce that these days' events in Belarus are linked to the intervention of  the EU, NATO and the U.S. The pretexts of the EU and its allies are the known ones which were used in Syria, Libya, Ukraine, Iraq, etc.
The people have paid rivers of blood for these interventions of yours and the victimisation in their dismembered countries continues until now, with wars, poverty and refugees. All these are the results of the competition between business groups for the control of the markets, such as in the case of Belarus, for the networks of energy transportation of a country where Russia has strong footing and which is the last station of China's silk road.  
What can be said for the governments of Poland and the Baltic countries is "look who is talking", because while they harangue about "freedom and democracy" they are the same which persecute opposition newspapers and imprison communists, ban Communist Parties, when, at the same time, they whitewash fascist gangs.  
The Belarusian people has not given any authorization to the EU and its allies to intervene. The people do not need them! They can decide based on their own interests and "turn the page", exempted from the current and any bourgeois regime, with their own power, thus paving an alternative solution to the impasses of the capitalist way of development".