Tuesday, December 24, 2019

"We will change this city, this country": Mass gathering of TKP in Istanbul

The second of the events organized by the Communist Party of Turkey (TKP), calling for "hope, organizing, and celebrating to win 2020" was held yesterday in Istanbul Bostancı.  

It was the second of the events organized in three major cities with the title of the Istanbul Bostanci Showland. The first gathering was held in Izmir on Saturday.

Before the start of the event, resisting workers from many sectors, including Bimeks workers, textile workers, teachers of Doğa schools, construction workers, metal workers, and cafe workers, came to Bostancı Showland by shouting slogans and holding banners.

While waiting for the opening of the hall, workers fighting for their rights by joining the solidarity network "We Breathe Down the Bosses' Neck" came together to talk about their struggles.

The event started with a video demonstration of the newcomers to the party.

Communist poet Nihat Behram took the floor first. After Behram, TKP Istanbul Provincial Head Aydemir Güler made a speech to the thousands.  "We have overflown the hall, but we are missing those we lost. We are going to grow; we are going to grow out of this hall and even out of this city. We will change this city, this country," Güler said. “To live in dignity has become absolutely impossible without joining the struggle!” he added.

Yapıcılar Orchestra and Gülcan Altan participated in the event with their songs.

In addition, the event was greeted by communist and workers' parties from all over the world. Communist parties from Portugal, Venezuela, Italy, Britain, Russia, Israel, Greece, Hungary, Spain, India, and Mexico conveyed solidarity messages.

Journalist-author Enver Aysever and actor Orhan Aydın took the floor, commemorating the great communist poet Nazım Hikmet and greeting his struggle.

Lastly, TKP General Secretary Kemal Okuyan made his speech, saying “Organized workers will defeat the capitalists. The organization of workers will be possible in the ranks of the party!”.

The event ended with the Internationale that was sang by the thousands of people in the whole hall.

The third major gathering will be held in Ankara on January 4.