Sunday, December 29, 2019

Giorgos Marinos - The vanguard action of the communists will change the current negative correlation of forces

Giorgos Marinos, member of the Political Bureau of the CC of the Communist Party of Greece, concluded the European Communist Meeting which was held in Brussels on December 9th, noting among others that the discussion helped the participants to re-examine the key events of the struggle of the International Communist Movement, its contribution, but also its weaknesses and its mistakes, and to intensify their efforts for the Communist Movement to become more effective, taking into account the needs that arise every day in the class struggle in order to intervene in an organized way.

He emphasized that the Meeting categorically condemned anti-communism in all its forms and origins, noting that it is the core element of bourgeois ideology and policy, a tool of the monopolies against the working class and the popular strata to maintain the power of the capitalists; as well as condemning the anti-communist resolution of the European Parliament that was voted for by the political groups of the People’s Party, the Liberals and the Greens, the Conservative Reformists, who together with the Social Democrats, manage capitalist exploitation and delude the people with false slogans.

He also stressed the necessity of systematic revealing to the working class of how those forces and others have been trying all these years to undermine the values of the communists, specifically trying to strike at the necessity of the class struggle and socialist revolution.

He emphasized that the attack of capital, of the system and its parties does not take place only by means of blunt anti-communism, with the anti-communist measures that the comrades who participated in the Meeting are experiencing directly, such as in Poland, Ukraine, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania, Hungary and other countries, but that in all the capitalist countries socialism is being slandered, harsh anti-popular measures are being implemented, the right to strike is under attack, employer bullying is imposed, political and trade union action is being restricted, all facts that confirm that the system is barbaric and cannot be humanized.

He also referred to the importance of the interventions and elements cited in the Meeting, which challenge the anti-communist claims that seek to uproot historical truth. Elements of monopoly support for Nazism, US, British, French attempts to turn Nazi Germany towards the Soviet Union, how the Soviet Union resisted the fascist attack and nailed the red flag with the hammer and sickle in the heart of the fascist beast,how war arose- just like any imperialist war –within the bowels of capitalism, and the communists led the way and fought with the working class, the peoples, all events that history wrote and cannot be erased.

Today’s negative correlation of forces will change with the vanguard action of the communists

Giorgos Marinos.
The speaker further emphasized that whatever they do, the EU and the other apologists of capitalism will stumble over objective reality, because the capitalism of any management version, liberal, neoliberal, social democratic, "new-left," is based on one rule, the exploitation of man by man.

"The answer of the peoples is socialism, anti-communism is trying to close this road and we will have the greatest possible contribution to social evolution, to progress when we confront anti-communism from the perspective of socialism-communism," noted characteristically G. Marinos while emphasizing that the development of the class struggle, the regroupment and strengthening of the labor movement, of the CPs are immediate necessary goals, the conditionsto strengthen the labor-popular struggle, to overthrow capitalist barbarity that creates fascism and uses anti-communist poison, emphasizing that theunwavering fight against fascism is the struggle to overthrow capitalist exploitation.

He also noted that despite the negative impact of the counter-revolution in all countries, the retreat of the labor-popular movement, there is the experience of several CPs who are waging a battle, striving on a daily basis to organize the struggle of the working class, leading the class struggle while developing labor - popular struggles, underlining the importance of these being concrete, taking on the necessary anti-capitalist anti-monopoly orientation, directed at the heart of the system to overthrow it.

G. Marinos further emphasized that today's negative correlation of forces can and will change with the vanguard action of the Communists, and stressed the importance of further study and assimilation of the Marxist-Leninist worldview, mastering revolutionary strategy and tactics that will serve the struggle for the revolutionary overthrow of capitalism, for socialism, the need to build strong CPs, with Party organizations in the workplaces, in the branches of industry, in the popular neighborhoods, the schools and universities , to strengthen the CP's bonds with the working class, as well as the constant confrontation with opportunism, which is trying to stealthily and systematically erode the CPs.

He also emphasized the importance - against the backdrop of dangerous developments - for the CPs to struggle against the bourgeoisie and their competitions, against the EU and NATO, for disengagement from imperialist organizations, while concluding that in parallel with the need to strengthen international coordination of the struggle based on the principle of proletarian internationalism, the basic contribution of each CP to the general cause of socialist revolution is to create the conditions for the basic contradiction to be resolved between capital and labor, that is, to overthrow capitalism in its country.