Wednesday, August 21, 2019

"U.S. warnings towards Greece over the Iranian tanker are unacceptable" - Statement of the KKE

In a statement issued today, the Press Office of the CC of the Communist Party of Greece (KKE) strongly denounces as "unacceptable" the U.S. warnings towards the Greek government regarding the Iranian oil tanker "Adrian Darya". 

More specifically, as 902 portal reports, the statement writes:

"On the issue of the iranian oil tanker "Adrian Darya 1", which left the shores of Gibraltar and is sailing in the Mediterranean, the KKE regards as unacceptable the intervention of the U.S. and denounces the warnings towards the Greek and any other government in case the iranian tanker heads towards a Greek or other port.

This U.S intervention, incorporated in the imperialist plan of escalating aggression against Iran within the context of the broader competitions in the Persian Gulf and the broader region, is exceptionally dangerous for the region's people. 

The "Adrian Darya 1" tanker has the right to approach a Greek or other port for fuel and food supply needs, security issues, needs of the crew, etc, in compliance with the relevant international rules and the national law.

The KKE calls the Greek government to reject the U.S. warnings and to exclude any participation of Greek ship or aircraft in the so-called multinational force deployed by the U.S. and their allies, for the promotion of the imperialist plans in the Persian Gulf and the war plans against Iran".