Thursday, August 16, 2018

Swedish Elections: Greek immigrants call for support to the Communist Party (SKP)

Under the title "We,  the Greek immigrants vote-support the Communist Party of Sweden (SKP)", the Scandinavia Party Organisation of the Communist Party of Greece (KKE) has issued a statement urging workers and immigrants in Sweden to support the SKP in the upcoming elections of September 9th.

"In the elections- writes the Party Organisation's statement- there is the alternative, the Communist Party of Sweden (Sveriges Kommunistiska Parti, SKP) which is the party that consistently struggles against the capital, the EU and NATO and the policies which the capital's parties (either "bourgeois" or "socialist" ones) support". 

The KKE Scandinavia Party Organisation stresses out that "the CP of Sweden is a small party, but the policy of a party is defined by whether or not it supports the rights and the needs of the working people, the youth, the women, the self-employed. It isn't defined by how big or small it is, but from the political positions it takes and its activity by the people's side". 

The statement also points out: "The SKP gives all its powers for the working class, by the side of the self-employed and young people, by the side of the unemployed and fired workers, of the pensioners. It believes in people's power and struggles so that the people will become the protagonists of the developments. It is the only party which shows the way and how unemployment, poverty, insecurity, environment's destruction, Health and Education's commercialization, can be tackled once and for all."

Swedish and immigrant workers must move a step forward. "We therefore vote the SKP- writes the statement- even if we don't agree in everything with it. After all, we are workers, old and younger ones, who immigrated to another country because of the policy of all bourgeois governments which forced us to become migrants. Like in Greece, in Sweden we haven't any single interest to vote the same parties which the industrialists, the ship-owners, the large retailers and bank owners vote for."

The statement underlines that "the KKE supports the Communist Party of Sweden (SKP) and calls Greek and all working people in Sweden, no matter their nationality, to support, to vote on September 9th the CP of Sweden".

The general elections in Sweden are taking place on September 9, 2018. For more info regarding the political positions of the Communist Party of Sweden, you can click here.