Saturday, August 18, 2018

Cuba's new Constitution ratifies the leading role of the Communist Party as the nation's organized vanguard

Τhe draft of the new Constitution ratifies the leading role of Cuba's Communist Party as a fundamental pillar of unity and of the political, economic and social order.

In its article 5, the document submitted from August 13 to November 15 to a popular consultation establishes that 'The Communist Party of Cuba, unique, based on Marti's ideas, loyalist and Marxist-Leninist, organized vanguard of the Cuban nation, based on its democratic character and permanent link with the people, is the highest leading force of society and the State'.

The vast majority of the inhabitants of Cuba assume and support this concept, which is also the subject of analysis and debate during these days, in which in work and study centers, as well as in the community, opinions and proposals are freely expressed regarding the project of the new Constitution.

For some, the leading role should be limited to the political, while others - with good intentions or not - appeal to a multiparty system that the island experienced before the revolution of January 1, 1959. People have the right to ask what they think of the Constitution, that's what the consultation is for, but those of us who live in this era of politicization, corruption, individualism and unfulfilled promises for the people who suffered, it's difficult for us to talk about the return to such a scenario,' Manuel Rodriguez, a 77-year-old retiree, told Prensa Latina.

For her part, student Gabriela Gonzalez warned that any analysis of Cuba's political, economic and social order must take into account the siege that the country has been experiencing since the revolutionary victory, with the U.S. blockade as the most well-known and repudiated component.

The development of the country, the well-being of its inhabitants and the quietness of its citizens are not part of the multiparty system, so only those who want to deceive and seduce us with songs of mermaids to divide and destroy can see this, it said. According to the vice-president of the National Assembly of People's Power, Ana Maria Mari Machado, the Communist Party of Cuba is the guarantor of the construction of the socialist system to which the Caribbean nation aspires.

According to statements to Radio Reloj station, the member of the parliamentary commission in charge of drafting the new Constitution said that 'more than one party disunites and breaks the integrity of all'.

Our party is not electoral, but represents the vanguard of the people and is not above them, it is a symbol of their unity, and it gathers the best of the masses,' Mari Machado stated. Regarding the theme and the celebration of the 92nd anniversary ofthe birth of the historic leader of the Cuban Revolution, Fidel Castro (1926-2016), many people remember the validity of his words when he said: 'The party is today the soul of the revolution'.

The Communist Party is also a continuation of the Cuban Revolutionary Party founded by Jose Marti in 1892 to achieve independence for the island and create a republic with all and for the good of all.

Source: Prensa Latina via CubaSi.