Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Communist Party of Israel: The massacre in Gaza will not halt the Palestinian people’s struggle for Freedom

The Communist Party of Israel (CPI) strongly condemns the crimes of the Israeli Occupation against the unarmed Palestinian protesters in the March of Return rally in Gaza; crimes that killed more than 50 person, including children and people with disabilities. This terrible massacre will not stop the legitimate struggle of the Palestinian people for its freedom, an ongoing struggle for the last 70 years.
CPI denounces the official opening of the US embassy in Jerusalem: “this is a provocative step, overruled by the majority of the world’s nations and states, as well as by the Palestinian people and all peace seekers locally and internationally. This step, along with the US withdrawal from the nuclear treaty with Iran, embodies the direction the Trump-Netanyahu-Reactionary Gulf regime pact is heading towards – blurring the conflict’s origin in the region and turning it from a struggle against the Israeli occupation and the American hegemony into a religious conflict while terminating the Palestinian Issue.
CPI calls for a wide mobilization and participation in the activities organized by the Higher Follow-Up Committee for the Palestinian Population in Israel in the Arab villages and towns, to mass mobilization of its cadres for the activities organized by CPI, Hadash and YCLI across the country. CPI also calls upon all Peace forces in Tel-Aviv, and West Jerusalem to protest against these war crimes and for a Just Peace mainly that brings the establishment of the Palestinian State on the borders of 1967 with East Jerusalem as its Capital.

CPI also calls upon all fraternal parties, Left and Progressive forces in the world to enhance the solidarity with the Palestinian people against the Israeli occupation and its crimes, and to fully-reject the American policies driving the entire region to abyss.