Friday, May 11, 2018

Communist and workers' parties condemn Ukrainian state's repression, stand in solidarity with the Communist Party of Ukraine

Various Communist and Workers' Parties around the world have expressed their condemnation of the repressive methods exercised by the Ukrainian authorities against the country's Communist Party. 

A total of 33 parties have signed a joint statement in which they denounce the recent raid of Ukrainian police forces in the offices of the Communist Party of Ukraine and its First Secretary Petro Symonenko. The statement is the following: 

The undersigned Parties condemn the outrageous and unprecedented attack of the Ukrainian authorities against the Communist Party of Ukraine and its Leader on 8 May, 2018. Thesearch of the CPU offices followed the violent entry and search of the authorities in the house of the CPU Leader, Petro Simonenko.
It is not by chance that these attacks have taken placeon the eve of the 9th of May, the Day of the Antifascist Victory of the peoples to which the Ukrainians had a significant and heroic contribution.
These developments in Ukraine are the outrageous escalation of continuous intense attacks and persecution of the Ukrainian communists that started right after the coup d’ etat over the democratically elected government in 2014 that also led to the rise of neo-nazi and ultra-nationalist groups at all levels of the political and social spectrum of the country.
At this difficult moment, we express our solidarity with the members and leadership of the Communist Party of Ukraine and will use all fora to denounce these acts.
The undersigned Parties:
  1. Communist Party of Albania
  2. Communist Party of Australia
  3. Party of Labour of Austria
  4. Communist Party of Bangladesh
  5. Workers' Party of Belgium
  6. AKEL, Cyprus
  7. Communist Party of Bohemia and Moravia, Czech Rep.
  8. Communist Party in Denmark
  9. Communist Party of Finland
  10. French Communist Party
  11. Unified Communist Party of Georgia
  12. German Communist Party
  13. Communist Party of Greece
  14. Hungarian Workers' Party
  15. Communist Party of India
  16. Communist Party of India (M)
  17. Tudeh Party of Iran
  18. Communist Party of Ireland
  19. Communist Party of Israel
  20. Communist Party of Luxemburg
  21. Communist Party of Malta
  22. Communist Party of Mexico
  23. Communist Party of Norway
  24. Communist Party of Poland
  25. Portuguese Communist Party
  26. Communist Party of the Russian Federation
  27. Communists of Serbia
  28. South African Communist Party
  29. Communist Party of Spain
  30. Communist Party of the Peoples of Spain
  31. Communist Party of Turkey
  32. Communist Party of USA
  33. Communist Party of Venezuela
Apart from the above joint statement, some parties have also issued their own communiques expressing solidarity to the Communist Party of Ukraine. 

The Communist Party of Greece (KKE) has decisively condemned the provocative and violent raid of Ukraine's police forces in the office of Petro Symonenko as well as in the premises of the CP of Ukraine in Kiev. 

The Communist Party of Turkey (TKP) issued a statement stating that it follows "with deep concern such countless attacks by neo-Nazi groups and paramilitary forces funded by Ukrainian ruling class". TKP points out that "these attacks, against the Party and its leaders, either in the form of brutal violence or constraining them from their political activities, are encouraged by the state, directly or indirectly. They have their roots in the dissolution of socialism, in the imperialist interventions in Ukraine, in the bourgeoisie character of the regime."
The Communist Party of Malta expresses its’ solidarity with the Communist Party of Ukraine  in the face of provocations by the fascist regime in Kiev. This regime objects to the commemoration of  the people’s victory over Fascism on the 9th of May. The Communist Party of Malta calls upon the Ukranain comrades to remain steadfast in the face of these provocations and to continue in their struggles for the re-emancipation of the working people of Ukraine. (Read here)
From its side, the Communist Party of Brazil (PCdoB) issued a statement in which it denounces the Petro Poroshenko government is profascist, serving an oligarchy of the riches and mafia, and counts on the criminal protection of the European Union and the United States. The PcdoB reaffirms that it is "committed to denouncing the advance of Nazi-fascism in Ukraine and express the most unyielding militant solidarity based on proletarian internationalism to all the leaders and militants of the heroic CPU, especially Comrade Petro Symonenko, whose name arouses the fury of the fascist pack". (Read here)
Canada's Communist Party (CPC) calls the Canadian government "to strongly protest and condemn the attack on Comrade Petro Simonenko by state security forces on May 8th, and to demand an end to the on-going attacks on the Communist Party and the labour and democratic movements in Ukraine by fascist gangs,police and security state forces". Accoding to the CPC statement, "the continuing disinformation campaign about developments in Ukraine by Canadian Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland, grand-daughter of a Ukrainian fascist collaborator, constitutes collusion with the fascist government of Ukraine in its attacks on labour, democratic, political and civil rights, and on the organizations defending these rights led by the Communist Party of Ukraine." (Read here)