Sunday, March 11, 2018

Joseph Stalin: 65 years since his death

By Nikos Mottas.

Sixty-five years have been passed since the 5th March 1953 and the bourgeois in all over the world still tremble before his name. For the fascists and neo-Nazis, his image creates nightmares. The various opportunists, trotskyites and counterrevolutionaries still try to conjure him with tons of lies and slanders.

More than six decades since the death of Joseph Stalin, the slanderous campaign against his legacy continues unabated. The anti-stalinist slanderers have used every single kind of defamation in order to tarnish the personality of Joseph Vissarionovich Dzhugashvili: From the ungrounded fairytales of the Nazi sympathizer Solzhenitsyn to the fabricated, anti-communist stories of the so-called “Ukrainian famine”, the (committed by the Nazis) Katyn massacre, the supposed millions of executed prisoners in the notorious Gulags, etc.

The most recent episode of the anti-stalinist, anti-communist slanderous campaign is the ridiculously pathetic- in both historical and artistic aspect- film “The Death of Stalin”, based on a french novel. Behind the mantle of “comedy based on real events” (as its advertisers shamelessly call it), there is one more soup of vulgar anti-communism that attempts to pass to the audience the known clichés of bourgeois historiography about the “dictator”-”tyrrant” Stalin and the soviet “totalitarianism”.

Sixty-five years since the death of the bolshevik revolutionary, the major question that deserves an answer is “why” Stalin continues being a target of such a vicious attack, both from the bourgeois press and academia, as well as from a series of opportunist streams (trotskyites, reformists, etc).

Their aim is to distort history, so that the people, especially the youth, will draw no conclusions from the construction of socialism in the Soviet Union. Their main purpose is to conceal the struggle of the soviet people for a society free of the exploitation of man by man. That is why they slanderously call the socialism of the 20th century as “totalitarianism” and “tyranny”.

Joseph Stalin guided the Party and the USSR under the most difficult conditions of imperialist encirclement and internal counterrevolutionary subversion. Under Stalin's leadership, the remarkable achievements took place set the foundations for an unprecedented growth that radically changed the image of the Soviet Union, thus turning an underdeveloped, mostly rural, country into an industrial and technological superpower.

Based on the leninist political and ideological heritage, Stalin defended socialism without stepping back. He repulsed attempts to restore capitalism within the country and, on the same time, he prepared the USSR to cope successfully with the challenges of the Second World Imperialist War. The Soviet Union stood up in the subversive efforts of both the “democratic” capitalist states (USA, Britain, France, etc) and the fascist capitalist axis (Nazi Germany, Japan, fascist Italy), highlighting the red flag with the sickle and hammer as the emblem of the Great Antifascist Victory of the people.

The bourgeoisie and the fascists of all kinds will never forgive the raising of the soviet flag over the Reichstag. The heroic struggle of the soviet people under Stalin's leadership will haunt them forever.

That's why the will continue to slander Joseph Stalin, as part of their efforts to tarnish the necessity of socialism in the conscience of the people. They will fail. Because it is the objective reality that creates the necessity and timeliness of socialism.

The various slanderers of Stalin and Lenin know that the future, the 21st century will bring new socialist revolutions. They tremble and fear in front of this perspective thus attempting with anti-communist furiousness to prevent history from moving forward.

* Nikos Mottas is the Editor-in-Chief of In Defense of Communism. The above text is a translated version of an article published in