Friday, March 30, 2018

SYRIZA "democracy": Greek police fires tear gas against rallying students and teachers

Once again, Greek riot police responded with chemicals and flashbang grenades against demonstrators in the center of Athens. 

This time, police forces tried to disperse the rallying teachers and students by using violence and tear gas, once the demonstration arrived in the police blockade, a few metres away from the Prime Minister's office. 

Thousands teachers of primary and secondary education, as well as students, rallied in the Greek capital demanding their vested labor rights. The demonstrators marched peacefully throughout downtown Athens, while the government had deployed heavy police forces close to PM's Maximos Mansion. 

Today's incident comes just two days after the violent response of riot police against the rally of Trade Unions and labour centers in Thessaloniki. 

Below you can see photos from the demonstration as well as from the violent reaction of riot police.

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