Friday, March 2, 2018

The E.U. “is pregnant” with barbarity

The barbarous anti-workers face of the European Union, of its laws and regulations, has been revealed once again, through the latest decision of the European Court of Justice that legalizes all dismissals, even those of pregnant women.
The European Court of Justice (CJEU), in one of its recent decisions concerning the layoff of a pregnant worker of the Spanish firm “Bankia” in 2013, which took place under the status of mass layoffs, decided that her dismissal was “legal”, despite her pregnancy. 
This decision was taken under the rationale that the layoff of a pregnant worker is permissible since the reason behind her dismissal is not her current state of pregnancy. In this way, the European Court of Justice paves the way towards more layoffs, increasing unemployment and the misery of young and pregnant women, exactly as the big employers have demanded in the past years. For the employers, the protection of maternity is a cost and this is the reason why both the European Union and the governments of its member-states, assume systematic measures to abolish, even this last means of protection that still remains, for the workers.
Up to now, even with the typical laws and regulations for the protection of maternity, the employers have used the anti-workers framework, imposed by all governments and extended by the current one, to turn all work places into ghettos. The young working woman and, in total, the new generation of the working class are faced with the intimidation lead by the employers, the fear of unemployment and the “flexible” working relations, that create a nightmarish reality.
The Government’s declarations, the declarations of the other parties of the bourgeoisie, together with those of the trade unionism controlled by the employers concerning what they call a “European Acquis”, prove to be nothing more than a “lion pit”, where the workers are to be sacrificed for the profit of the businesses.
The protection of the young mothers, the rights of the workers, conquered through the struggle of the working movement, were not given to us by any court, government or the EU and we will not hand them over to any of them.
The rights of the workers, the protection of pregnant women and the young mothers is a fundamental matter for the trade unions that must be enforced through the collective agreements.
We call for all trade unions and syndicates to denounce this new despicable development.
To take the initiative to inform all young workers and together with them, to demand the protection of pregnant women and young mothers.
No layoffs for the pregnant workers, under any excuse.

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