Friday, December 2, 2016

KKE: The people must be ready and vigilant - Statement about foreign policy and the Cyprus Issue

The GS of the CC of the KKE, Dimitris Koutsoumbas, noted the following on 28/11/2016 in his statements on Foreign Policy and the Cyprus Issue:

“The KKE follows with concern the latest developments regarding both Greek-Turkish relations as well as the Cyprus Issue. The KKE expresses its opinion with responsibility and calls on the Greek people to be in a state of readiness and vigilance.

The major everyday problems which afflict our people are expected to worsen in the coming period, as a result of the second “evaluation” and the government's new agreements with its partners in the EU and IMF.

However, they must not treat as a secondary issue the very dangerous developments which are taking place in our region.

The dangerous plans of NATO-US-EU in the region, the competition with other powerful capitalist states, such as Russia and China, the redrawing of borders, the ambitions of regional powers, such as Turkey, to enhance their position, open the “bag of Aeolus”.

The SYRIZA-ANEL government, with the consent of New Democracy and all other parties, involves the country in these plans. It has supported to date all NATO decisions, which constitute an escalation of the competition with Russia and resemble preparation for war. It provides Greek islands for the establishment of NATO bases.

It has legitimized the NATO presence in the Aegean, on the pretext of addressing the issue of the refugee flows.

At the same time, it conceals that the de facto partition of Cyprus is being promoted, through a new type of “Annan Plan”.

We follow with special concern the systematic and repeated statements of the Turkish President regarding the revisionof the Lausanne Treaty, namely the change of borders in the region, which concerns Greece as well as other countries.

These statements are accompanied by the systematic violation of the Greek air and maritime space by Turkey.

These provocative and dangerous statements and actions are  part of the systematic efforts of the Turkish leadership to challenge the sovereignty of the Aegean islands and in general the borders and the sovereign rights of Greece.

To raise the issue of “grey areas”.

The period during which these statements are taking place is not accidental, as the negotiations for the “closing” of the Cyprus Issue are intensified, while the “haggling” between Turkey and EU is in process.

With these specific statements, Turkey objectively exerts pressure to resolve these issues in an even more negative direction for the people.

The SYRIZA-ANEL government and the other bourgeois political forces bear huge responsibilities, because, for years now, they have been assuring the Greek people that the alliance between Greece and Turkey, within NATO, is a factor of “peace and security in the region”, while at the same time NATO encourages the aggressive intentions of Turkey, since it does not recognize borders in the Aegean, considering it a single operational area.

At the same time, the unresolved for 42 years problem of invasion-occupation in Cyprus has passed today into a new phase of sharpening.

Despite the compromises of the Greek-Cypriot side, Turkey and the Turkish-Cypriot side recycle dangerous positions which perpetuate the consequences of the invasion-occupation and promote the partition of Cyprus.

The systematic interventions of the USA and the EU in order to speed up the talks and for an agreement to be signed, aim at the creation of a fait accomplis, with the aim of paving the way for the exploitation of the energy deposits of the Island to the benefit of big capital and the Euro-Atlantic plans.

They have as an aim to utilize the geostrategic position of Cyprus in the competition of the USA, NATO and the EU with Russia, in conditions of general inter-imperialist conflicts which have manifested themselves in our region and are related to what energy plans will prevail for the exploitation and transportation of Cyprus’ natural gas and other energy sources from South-East Mediterranean to Europe.

The KKE, immediately after the signing of the Joint Statement Anastasiadis-Eroglu in February 2014, focused its attention on criticizing the "two constituent states" which constitutes a confederal, dichotomous solution.

The "safety valves" that are being promoted through the powers of the federal state cannot objectively solve the problem. Even more so when Turkey is speaking precisely when it talks about a "partnership of two states" and mentions that the Turkish-Cypriot state is the continuation of the "Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus".

Regarding these issues, in the coming period the KKE will take initiatives in the Parliament, the EU Parliament, at an international level, together with other Communist parties, but above all it will lead in informing and mobilizing the Greek people. As regards that, the mass organizations of the labour-people’s movement, the peace movement, every person who shares the same concerns should also help.

Now, more than ever, the workers’-people’s mobilization and international solidarity are necessary.

-        To close all NATO bases in Greece
-        To get NATO out of the Aegean.
-        For the return home of the Greek military forces from missions of NATO and the EU.
-        For the disengagement of Greece from NATO and the EU.
-        Solidarity with the victims of the wars.
-        Fair and viable solution for the Cyprus Issue, for a united and independent Cyprus, with one single Sovereignty, One citizenship and international personality, without foreign bases and troops, without foreign guarantors and protectors.

To strengthen the fight against these plans and the involvement of Greece, against the system that creates crises, wars, poverty and refugees: FOR THE PEOPLE, WHO MUST NOT SHED THEIR BLOOD FOR THE INTERESTS AND THE COMPETITION OF THE IMPERIALISTS!”