Wednesday, December 14, 2016

SYRIZA's political "flirt" with Golden Dawn - When Social Democracy tries to "acquit" the Neonazi criminals

The political "love affair" between SYRIZA and the Nazis of Golden Dawn seems to continue. After the joint visit of SYRIZA and Golden Dawn's MPs in Kastelorizo- and the common photographs in the island- we had another episode in social democracy's effort to politically caress the neonazi murderers. 

This time, SYRIZA MP and former Justice Minister Nikos Paraskevopoulos decided to proceed a step forward. During an interview with the conservative 'Vradyni' newspaper, Paraskevopoulos said that the Neonazi party must be supported by democratic parties if it decides to embrace the rule of democracy. 

The SYRIZA MP defended his hideous remarks in a second interview on Vima FM Radio, saying that “if a [Golden Dawn member], and there are many of them, changes their stance and makes steps toward democracy, then they must be supported.” He called for a “convergence” with Golden Dawn to bring it in line with democracy rather than being constantly at loggerheads with it.

SYRIZA MP and former Justice Minister Nikos Paraskevopoulos.
Commenting on SYRIZA's political "flirting" with the Neonazis, an article published in 'Rizospastis', the Organ of the CC of the KKE, commented on 13 December:

"There is no doubt that with many and various ways the government, as well as other bourgeois parties, try to "aqcuit" Golden Dawn. Τo adorn its murderous character, which go hand - hand with the Nazi fascist ideology. It is a process which takes place both inside and outside the Parliament. Occasionally we see Golden Dawn members- inside the Parliament- to express good words for the government who, with their policy, serve the needs of the big Capital. Recently, we saw them embraced in Kastelorizo. What is important is that, since there are processes in the bourgeois political system, statements from the side of SYRIZA talk about convergence with the Golden Dawn. And that says it all...".

The family of Pavlos Fyssas- the 34 years-old antifascist musician who was murdered by Golden Dawn's member on September 2013- issued a statement in which strongly condemns the comments of SYRIZA's former Justice Minister Paraskevopoulos. Among other things, the Fyssas family statement says:

"Whoever believe that the devotees of fascism and neonazi formations can be democratized are politically naive and dangerously unhistorical, or either in combination with these, they serve specific expediences".