Saturday, December 31, 2016

Message of the KKE to the people for the New Year

The KKE wishes a good and militant year to the working people, the unemployed and self-employed ones, the poor farmers, the young people and the women of the popular strata, to the refugees and immigrants, who live or remain trapped in our country.

The new year 2017, which starts with new burdens for our people, can leave a strong imprint on the effort for the recasting of the labour movement, building of the social alliance, strengthening of the KKE, in order to pave the way for a better future for our people.

The SYRIZA-ANEL government, as well as the other parties of the system, despite their disagreements for the governmental chair, cultivate to the people the false explectation that the recovery of the capitalist economy will supposedly put an end to the people's sacrifices, will stop the deterioration process of his life.

The reality is completely different. Even if there is some kind of recovery, it will be for the profits of the few, it will be uncertain, because the developments themselves in the global and european economy are inauspicious. Above all, it will be a recovery which not only will not replenish the huge losses for the people, but will be accompanied by new masures, “bloody” surpluses, sustained “cutters” of working-peoples' rights.

Capitalism does not give birth only to crises, poverty and unemployment, but also wars. The developments in the broader region, the competitions among powerful states and regional powers for the raw materials and the transportation roads, bring the threat of a more generalized war closer.

The SYRIZA-ANEL government actively participates in all NATO plans. Along with the other bourgeois political forces, it reassures the Greek people that the participation of Greece in NATO consists a factor of “peace and security in the region”. It has legitimized the presence of NATO, which does not recognize the maritime borders and encourages the aggressive stratety of Turkey, in the Aegean Sea. At the same time, in the unsolved for 42 years problem of invasion-occupation of Cyprus they propose as a solution the de facto partition, through a new “Annan” plan.

Against this situation, the KKE gives all its forces in order to strengthen the working-people's struggle and solidarity, for a real relief of the people, recover of losses, satisfaction of the contemporary needs.

It prepares its 20th Congress, which will be held in Spring 2017, with the ambition to become more powerful, more capable towards the development of the working-people's movement and the promotion of the alliance of the popular strata in a direction of rupture and overthrow against the capitalist system. This is even more urgent in the current circumstances, when everything seems immovable or move slowly.

Today there is much experience in the people and more evidence for them to see that no government which serves the capitalist path of development can put a end to the major impasses.

What is needed is that the popular struggle for the acute problems must look forward, must not be trapped in the “clashing rocks” of the governmental change of antipeople governments and of a utopian, supposedly pro-people, management of the system. For the maturation of thinking, of discussion, of reflection regarding the fact that the current exploitative system, which, despite the achievements of science and technology, forces people to live in barbarity, cannot be the future of humanity.

The capitalist ownership and power, the economy of anarchism and profit for the few, must be replaced by the social ownership of the concentrated means of production, the scientific central planning of the economy, the production for the satisfaction of contemporary needs.

With the weight of this responsibility, the KKE continues even more decisively in order to respond successfully to the tasks of the time, for the cause of Socialism, which today, 100 years since the “storm to the sky”- the Great Socialist October Revolution- is timely more than ever.

Source: Rizospastis / Translation: In Defense of Communism.