Friday, July 1, 2016

'Rizospastis': Brexit and the perspective of the EU

Brexit and the perspective of the EU.
Source: Rizospastis / Translation: In Defense of Communism.

The result of the british referendum for exit from the EU has pulled to the surface contradictions between various imperialist centers regarding the future and perspective of the EU. The interventions of forces during the last days, both inside and out of the EU, confirm that. The President of the USA Barack Obama spoke about the need to avoid hysteria, because NATO exists and the Transatlantic Alliance hasn't been dissolved. On the same time, his criticism towards the process of the so-called political and economic deepening of the EU is of special importance. In order to explain what happened, he points out: "Regarding the issue of full European intergration, the pause button has been pressed", adding also that "the way the British voted is explained by the fact that, probably, the EU was moving faster than it should have". He expressed with clarity the dissagreement of the American monopolies regarding the way the German side promotes the deepening of the EU. Disagreements which of course meet other, respective dissents which are expressed also within the EU on the account of the bourgeois classes of France, Italy etc. Those who, the SYRIZA-ANEL government presents as "allies" of the Greek people, the same time when they crush the working-peoples' rights in their countries.

On the other hand, the intervention of Germany's Finance Minister Schäuble, has it's own "weight" in the developments, showing the asprirations of the most powerful part of the German capital. He (Schäuble) warned that the decision of Britain creates the danger of a "domino" effect in Europe and threatened that Britain hasn't infitite time in her disposal to apply the request for withdrawal. On the same time, the German official criticized the European Commission for not imposing sanctions to countries which have deficits, according to the Maastrict Treaty, and that it is not a trustee of budgetary discipline. In fact, Schauble prepares the next phase which according to various scenarios an EU of multiple speeds is planned, where the control mechanisms and the financial system will be assigned to an independent authority which of course will be more connected to the hard core of the EU that Germany controls. This is a perspective which, of course, creates severe reactions within the EU from states which, contrary to Germany, seek the relaxation of the targets.

These interventions, made on behalf of the bourgeois classes and special parts of the capital, prove that the inter-imperialist antagonism, despite the temporary compromises and the new bazaars that are taking place, will escalate. Especially the secret bazaar which is taking place for the so-called Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) between USA and the EU, consists another element of the capitalists' antagonism, given of course the joint attack to the working-peoples' rights in order to increase the exploitation of the working people and the profitability of the monopolies.

For that, it is crucial that the working people in the EU must release themselves from the bourgeois interests, to avoid being under foreign- for them- flags and to organise their struggle for their contemporary rights, in an anticapitalist-antimonopoly direction, opening the path for the final overthrow of the capital's authority and the disengagement from the EU with workers-popular power.