Saturday, May 18, 2024

Operation Streaming: U.S new intelligence operation to distort the Cuban history

To modify historical facts on a whim, adapting them to a story that is harmful to the sovereignty of the peoples, is once again the bet of the U.S. government against the Cuban nation. That is what the denunciation that this newspaper amplified a few weeks ago is about, regarding an operation of the U.S. special services conceived -when not- to "change the regime" in Cuba.

Called Operation Streaming, which is not a very new term, it has among other purposes to rewrite the history of Cuba, to provide a sweetened description of pre-1959 capitalism and, of course, to present a whitewashed version of the neo-colony and the role of the U.S. in this history.

They aim to dismantle what they call the official version of Cuba's history, and to influence the youth in particular. They start from the fact that Cuba faces not only the tremendous vicissitudes of the economic situation, but also a process of greater complexity of reality, with the existence of new economic actors and their social impact.

They aspire, therefore, to finally prevail, after six decades, the thinking and values of a washed, idyllic capitalism, devoid of the disaster that this system entails for the great majorities in underdeveloped countries and, increasingly, in the first world.

To this end, they have a media machine and the resources to try to impose themselves in the digital social networks, in which they hyperbolize both the problems we suffer here and the benefits of the so-called American dream, all articulated by the U.S. Government which, as announced, will guarantee no less than 50 million dollars in 2024 for these purposes.


The founder of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), Allan W. Dulles, in 1963 published The Art of Intelligence which, in an act of "sincerity", explains the need to modify the morals and history of the nations that are the object of imperial appetite.

He shamelessly adds that the target public is the youth, whom "we will corrupt, demoralize and pervert," he says, concluding that "the final objective of the strategy on a planetary scale is to defeat, in the field of ideas, the alternatives to our domination, through the usurpation of the collective imagination and the recolonization of the redemptive and libertarian utopias", end of the quote, which does not require further comment.

In an updated modality we find the same concepts exposed by the "founding father" of the CIA spawn, in the aforementioned Operation Streaming.

Razones de Cuba, the digital news platform that made this Operation Streaming public, points out that it is a creation of the U.S. intelligence services, with "the aim of manipulating events and figures of Cuban history" such as the physical disappearance of Camilo Cienfuegos and Ernesto Che Guevara, the fight against bandits in the Escambray, the victory of Playa Giron and the epic role of Cuba in Africa, including the visceral war they have waged some time ago against Cuban medical cooperation abroad.

Razones de Cuba adds that the financing for this Operation comes from the State Department and even from the OAS, unbelievable, what can go wrong, is the question with a certain dose of irony.

Some of these blunders are already underway. For example, a media based in South Florida, whose name need not be mentioned, paraphrasing Don Quixote, devoted no less than six articles to Cuba's internationalist participation in Angola, spiced with delirious figures of apparent scientific seriousness.

It can be added that this practice is common in this media, which participates in another operation of financial destabilization, by the way, with the generous support of the Usaid, via the data platform DevTech Systems, Inc, created in 2018 and headed by one of the usual suspects of the Miami mafia, of remote Cuban origin.

It is also common to find in social networks the proliferation of profiles that evoke a glamorous, elitist, pre-59 Havana, trying to sell the absurdity that everything was magnificent, and obviating the tremendous calamities that the vast majority of Cubans suffered, including, denying the murder of 20 000 martyrs.

International nature of Operation Streaming is not only limited to the country of origin of the idea and who finances it, but also involves figures of the Argentine Government. This allows us to state, without mincing words, that the ideological basis and format of this new campaign against the Cuban people has strong links with the ultra-right drift.

This removes any doubts as to which lane the neo-Batista counterrevolution is following in these times and some of them with the appearance of moderates, such as the above-mentioned media financed by the USAID.

The rulers of the southern country even offer training opportunities for Cubans interested in learning how to "put an end to communism", who, a priori, ignore the principle of non-interference in the internal affairs of their neighbors, as stated in the Proclamation of Latin America and the Caribbean as a Zone of Peace, unanimously adopted on the occasion of the 2nd Summit of the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC), held in Havana in 2014.


For its part, the Argentine ultra-right denies the genocide against its people; well, it also denies the current and daily genocide in Gaza. Known as "denialism of State terrorism", this position ranges from the simple denial of that genocide, to more subtle forms that go as far as trivializing merciless and dehumanized facts, presented as trivial. In a similar vein, there are messages on social networks, written in Miami, that vindicate Fulgencio Batista.

Now from the high government, in Buenos Aires, voices are heard that do not know that there was a military dictatorship and question the figure of 30,000 disappeared, generating an absurd debate on the number, as if it were not enough with only one case of forced disappearance, which has the added cruelty that the relatives cannot even watch over the victims.

With a very similar bias we find other ultra right-wing approaches from vox, the Spanish version of this current; here they go to the excess of affirming that there was never such a conquest of America, as if Hernán Cortés was one of the first tourists from the old continent on this side of the Earth.

These efforts that are already found in the Trumpist rhetoric, out of curiosity, are those promoted for Cuba, via Operation Streaming, by the "liberal" government of Biden, with the solicitous support of the Argentine authorities. In recent visits to Buenos Aires, Republican Senator Marco Rubio and two of the war bishops, the Director of the CIA and the ineffable Chief of the Southern Command, who is working on the ignoble re-edition of the Monroe Doctrine, were plotting something of the same in recent visits to Buenos Aires.


In the context of the chaotic climate in which international reality operates today, in which the old refuses to die, hegemonisms resort to traditional methods, they fabricate about history challenging the intelligence of the people, the same intelligence they have always tried to obstruct in the best Hollywood style, now with audiovisual capsules in 2.0 format for digital social networks.

To clarify everything there is Dulles, who laconically insists on what should be the attitude to preserve imperial interests: "We will have to get rid of sentimentalism and nonsense. We must leave behind vague and unrealistic objectives such as human rights. By confession, there is no need for proof.

Francisco Delgado Rodríguez /