Tuesday, October 10, 2023

Greece local elections: Significant reinforcement of the KKE in all regions and large municipalities

On 8 October 2023, the first round of the regional and municipal elections took place throughout Greece
The KKE participated in the elections in all 13 regions of the country, as well as in 262 municipalities, with the ballot paper under the name “People’s Rallying”. Based on the results, “People’s Rallying” gained over 10% in the 13 regions nationwide, up from 6.86% in the 2019 regional elections and 7.69% won by the KKE in the parliamentary elections last June.
“People’s Rallying” won around 14% in the Attica Region, while it almost doubled its share in the Thessaly Region, the area that recently flooded due to criminal policy. A significant increase of more than 2% was also recorded in the Region of Central Macedonia.

The increase of “People’s Rallying” in the municipality of Athens was large, gathering 12.9% . It did not made it through the second round for less than 1.5%.

A communist mayor was elected  from the 1st round in the island of Ikaria, while the communist mayor in the 3rd largest city of the country, Patras, won over 41% and will fight for his re-election in the 2nd round. The battle for the second round and for the ballots supported by the KKE will be also fought in the municipalities of Kaisariani, Chaidari, Petroupoli and Tirnavos and Nikaia-Rentis.

The KKE calls upon the people to send a message of condemnation on all other municipalities and regions, casting a blank or invalid vote.

On Sunday evening, the GS of the CC of the KKE, Dimitris Koutsoumbas, stated the following about the results of the local elections:

“First of all, I would like to address my greetings to the hundreds of thousands of  people throughout the country who supported the ballot papers of “People’s Rallying” in today’s municipal and regional elections.

The results of the elections confirm positive processes that are in the making, just three months after the parliamentary elections, even though the correlation of forces still remains very negative.

We can say that a current that disputes the dominant policy and its class character in favour of capitalist interests is slowly but steadily stabilizing and strengthening; a certain degree of detachment of workers’-people’s forces from the bourgeois parties is taking place; the prestige and trust in the KKE is rising, and the militant alliance with the KKE all over the country is growing .

This trend was expressed today through the ballot papers of the “People’s Rallying” bearing  the symbol of the carnation in all 13 Regions of the country and in 262 municipalities throughout Greece.

Based on the results so far, “People’s Rallying” gained above 10% in the 13 Regions nationwide, compared to 6.86% in the previous regional elections of 2019 and of course to 7.69% gained in the parliamentary elections of June 2023.

Of particular importance is the percentage in the largest region of the country, Attica, which stands at almost 14%.

We welcome the election of a “People’s Rallying” mayor again, after years, in Ikaria, the “red island”, and in fact from the first round.

We particularly welcome the very high percentage of the mayor of Patras, K. Peletidis, with over 41%, despite the dirty war launched by the other forces.

It is very important that for the first time in many years the lists supported by the KKE will fight in the second round next Sunday, such as in Patras, Petroupoli, Kaisariani, Chaidari, Nikaia-Agios Ioannis Rentis, Tyrnavos and elsewhere. Furthermore, in several other municipalities, the candidates of “People’s Rallying” won very high, double-digit percentages.

Next Sunday we will vote to ensure the victory of the lists of “People’s Rallying” wherever it made it through the second round.

Wherever the “People’s Rallying” did not made it to the second round, we call upon the Greek people to send a message of condemnation, casting a blank or or invalid vote to the parties and lists that —no matter how they are called— support the anti-popular policy of the government and act as the long arm of the bourgeois state and big business interests in the municipalities and regions to ensure their profits and not, of course, to meet the needs of the people.

We are fully aware that our responsibilities are growing in order to contribute more decisively to the regroupment, militancy, and reinforcement of the workers’-people’s movement, to the organization of the daily struggle of the people, to impede worse measures taken by the New Democracy government with the consensus provided by the other bourgeois parties and the anti-popular Local Governments in municipalities and regions, to stand by the people for all the problems they face and demand the meeting of their contemporary needs.

The KKE, together with our numerous newly-elected members in the Local Government and the Regions, in the Municipal and Regional Councils, will fight with all its might for this cause.”