Saturday, May 20, 2023

Estonia's "Institute of Historical Memory" shamefully falsifies WW2 history, promotes anti-communism

In an effort to re-write history, the so-called “Estonian Institute of Historical Memory” (Eesti Mälu Instituut/ EIHM), an anti-communist institution, in collaboration with the German Embassy in Tallinn, has launched since 2018 a “Summer School” focusing on “the history of crimes against humanity and human rights violations during and after the Second World War.

Promoting anti-communism and the distortion of history, EIHM tries to equate the Soviet Union – the major liberation force in WW2 – with Nazi Germany!!! More specifically, in the website of EIHM's “Summer School” someone can read the following:
“There is a widespread myth that Germany alone was responsible for the outbreak of the Second World War and only Germany committed crimes against humanity …. However, one of the war criminals, the Soviet Union, got out of the war as an ally and a victor, having conquered new lands and subjected others to its control. No trial has ever taken place regarding the war crimes and violations of international law committed by this country.” (!!!)

Adopting the most shameful and hideous lies against the Soviet Union and within the contemporary context of Russo-phobia, EIHM argues: “The war did not end in 1945. During the half a century that followed, Russia certifiably committed brutal crimes against humanity and human rights violations in the territory of the Soviet Union, including in the incorporated Baltic states, and Russia has never had to answer for that.”.

This year, the “Summer School” of anti-communist distortion of history is scheduled to take place on 23-28 July 2023 in Tallinn.

From Estonia to... Cyprus

Recently, in a directive addressed to Public and Private Secondary Schools,  the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Cyprus, calls for students and teachers to apply to the anti-historical program organized in Tallinn by EIHM and the German Embassy.

The Ministry's directive caused the reaction of AKEL, the Progressive Party of Working People. In a letter addressed to Minister Athina Michailidou, AKEL MP and Press Representative Giorgos Koukoumas requested the immediate withdrawal of the unacceptable directive.

More specifically, AKEL notes that EIHM's program is a propaganda-type attempt towards historical revisionism, stressing that the directive of the Ministry of Education constitutes a provocation to the democratic sentiments of the people and an insult to the memory of the thousands of Cypriots who voluntarily fought against Hitler’s fascism.

AKEL demands from the Ministry of answer publicly whether it shares the despicable views of EIHM's program concerning the character of the Second World War as it is presented in the relevant documents.

In a statement, the Party Organization of Cyprus of the Communist Party of Greece (KKE) also condemns the directive of the Ministry as “provocative” and “unacceptable”. Among others, the statement which was published in 902 portal reads: “The provocation becomes even worse because these programs are organized by the Estonian Institute of Historical Memory in collaboration with the German Embassy in Tallin. That is from an institute of an EU member-state which has outlawed the Communist Party, which has banned its activity, bans anti-fascist symbols and activity, destroys and demolishes the monuments of the anti-Nazi liberation struggle of its people and the Red Army, while it glorifies the Nazi collaborators of hitlerites”.

The Party statement adds that “the activity of the  Estonian Institute of Historical Memory is known, as a tool of historical falsification and promotion of anti-communism, this time with the support of the German Embassy. After all, it's not a secret that both the German state and the EU promote the unacceptable theory of the two extremes, by equating nazism with communism, Hitler with Stalin, thus exonerating fascism and instilling anti-communism in the consciousness of the people and the youth”.

“No matter how many institutions, summer “schools”, lies in textbooks and expensive campaigns they finance, the historical truth, the red truth, the red flag in Reichstag, are an indelibe witness about who exterminated nazism. The worker-people's forces will always remember with admiration and respect the 20 million victims of the Soviet army and people, the hundreds of thousands of victims of the resistance movements formed under the guidance of the Communist Parties throughout Europe”, the KKE Party Organization in Cyprus stresses out.