Tuesday, May 9, 2023

The KKE honors the 9th of May, Day of the Great Anti-fascist Victory of the Peoples

Members and friends of the KKE in Berlin's Treptower Park.
The Press Office of the CC of the Communist Party of Greece (KKE) issued a statement on the 9th of May, Day of the People's Great Anti-fascist Victory, which notes, among other things, the following:

"World War II, like World War I, was the result of imperialist rivalries for the new division of markets, territories and spheres of influence, as well as their sharpening in conditions of capitalist economic crisis [...]

From the outset, the USSR, the partisan movements throughout the world, led by the respective Communist Parties in the occupied countries, as well as communists and other radical militants opposed and finally defeated the fascist Axis [...] Over 20 million people fell victims in the USSR, many of whom were members of the All-Union Communist Party (Bolsheviks) and its youth, the Komsomol. [...]

In Greece, the KKE was the lifeblood and leader of EAM, ELAS, EPON and the other EAM organizations which saved the people from starvation, fought heroic battles, liberated large areas of Greece, where institutions of local administration, education and justice, created by the people, were established with the support of ELAS [...]

The war was just on the side of the USSR, which was fighting to defend the socialist power and on the side of the partisan movements, fighting against Nazism-fascism  in their country. But it was unjust both on the part of the fascist Axis and the US-UK Allies [...]

The 9th of May shows the power of the people, led by the communists, that can defeat any imperialist coalition and domestic class exploiter and pave the way for socialism-communism."

Dozens of events across the country

The party organizations of the KKE are organizing events across the country to commemorate the 9th of May. In Thessaloniki, an important event was held at Yedi Kule, the place of imprisonment and execution of communists and other militants during the Nazi occupation and afterwards.

In Berlin, the KKE organizations together with the organizations of the Communist Party of Turkey commemorated the 9th of May at the Soviet Memorial in Treptower Park, holding Party flags and symbols, despite the bans issued by the local authorities and the police attempt to prevent them from raising KKE flags.