Wednesday, August 31, 2022

Swaziland: Mswati and his murderous regime are becoming increasingly isolated

In line with the Communist Party of Swaziland’s call for the boycott of Mswati’s umhlanga ritual, young girls in Swaziland have overwhelmingly rejected the annual exploitative ritual. 

Escorted buses and lorries, dispatched by Mswati all over Swaziland to fetch young girls, returned empty from pick-up points. This is a victory for all Swazis. Mswati and his murderous regime are becoming increasingly isolated. 

This overwhelming boycott is yet another act which proves beyond any doubt that Swazis are fed up with Mswati and his autocratic tinkhundla system as well its backward practices. 

The entire Swazi population now wants democracy. 

As the CPS, we commend the display of courage and bravery by the Swazi young women. 

The CPS’s campaign against the umhlanga ritual also calls upon female members in the security cluster, now being used as replacement to swell numbers, to also break from the yoke of oppression. 

As part of his contingency plan, Mswati has now organised female army personnel, police officers and warders. His objective is to have them parade for him to spread the lie that throngs have attended this year’s event, when the fact is that the masses of our people stayed at home and shunned this practice.

For his and his guests’ entertainment, under the guise of culture Mswati has for years commanded young girls to come to his palaces to parade for him and his perverted guests half-naked, with their breasts exposed. 

Now more than ever, the people yearn for a free Swaziland. 

Mswati, Africa’s last remaining absolute monarch, rules the country with an iron fist. 

The CPS continues to organise the masses to create platforms to educate the masses for the revolution. Every gathering and activity shall be for uniting the masses for the revolution. 

Swazis should take courage and faith in that the end is nigh for the tinkhundla system. To ensure that the people win in the end, the people must organise themselves in their communities and continue building community councils as the basis for democracy.