Friday, August 26, 2022

Latvian workers refuse to demolish Soviet memorial

Photo:Александр Тимофеев
A few days ago we wrote about the despicable decision of the Latvian authorities to dismantle Soviet monuments, including the memorial complex dedicated to the country's liberation by the Red Army in Riga. 

News source from the Baltic country reported that workers refused to dismantle Soviet-era monuments in the eastern Balvi region. 

Like many other memorials of Soviet heritage, the monument that is dedicated to the partisans of the Red Army in the Balvi region is planned to be dismantled and transferred to the Museum of the Occupation of Latvia. According to a statement by the chairman of the regional Duma, Sergei Maksimov, local workers refuse to do this.

“Either they are afraid of criminal cases that the Russian Federation may initiate, or they understand that the transfer and demolition of this monument are perceived ambiguously in society. Perhaps they do not want to harm residents on their territory,” – Maximov was quoted by the portal.

The head of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation, Alexander Bastrykin, instructed to make a legal assessment of the actions of those who agreed on the destruction of the monument, as well as to initiate a criminal case.

Soviet memorial in Aluksne disappeared!

In the city of Aluksne, in northeastern Latvia, the local government has found that a memorial which was on the list to be dismantled has disappeared. 

The monument was dedicated to the victory of the fourth unit of the Red Army first Latvian guerrilla brigade against the Nazi German forces on January 15, 1944.

According to the local government's spokeswomen Evita Aploka only the base of the monument is left.