Friday, August 12, 2022

Sweden Elections: SKP election campaign in full swing

The electoral campaign is underway in Sweden, with the comrades of the Communist Party (SKP) being in the streets and residential areas thus spreading the message of the class struggle.

According to Riktpunkt, the official newspaper of SKP, members and friends of the Party in various cities, such as Uppsala, Sveg and Burlov, distribute flyers and talk to the people in working class neighborhoods and places of labour. 
It is quite possible that, in some polling stations, the SKP's ballot papers aren't available. In such a case, the voter can just write SKP on a blank ballot.

It is reminded that earlier this year, the Communist Party was denied the right to use its full name - Communist Party of Sweden - in the elections, because the name was similar to another party's registered designation. Therefore, the Communist Party runs under its initials, SKP.

Unlike the bourgeois parties, the Communist Party (SKP) has not the financial resources to wage a large electoral campaign but relies on the contribution of members and supporters. As Riktpunkt points out, any small or bigger contribution is very significant for the Party. For further information on how you can support the Party's struggle send an email to  

The Swedish elections are due to be held on 11 September 2022.