Wednesday, May 11, 2022

TKP-KKE: Turkish, Greek communists strengthen joint struggle against imperialism-exploitation

The Communist Party of Turkey (TKP) and the Communist Party of Greece (KKE), two parties with a long history of fraternal relations, organize bilateral meetings and joint events in Turkey between 11 and 15 May.

More specifically, TKP will host a delegation of the KKE within the framework of comprehensive program of visits, meetings and political events throughout Turkey, including major cities Istanbul, Ankara, Antalya and Adana. 
As reports, the KKE delegation is comprised of Giorgos Marinos, MP and Political Bureau member, Eliseos Vagenas, member of the CC and head of the International Relations Section and Aris Evangelidis, member of the Party's International Relations Section. The TKP will be headed by General Secretary Kemal Okuyan and Central Committee members Ekin Sönmez, Senem Doruk, Ozan Yılmaz, as well as other party cadres.

The political framework of the visit is also related to the struggle of the two parties against NATO, as it was expressed in the KKE and TKP's joint statement last February, on the 70th anniversary of Turkey and Greece's accession to the imperialist alliance: “The contemporary struggle against NATO, against every imperialist union is a struggle for peace, the friendship of peoples, against class exploitation, capitalist barbarity, for the new socialist-communist society.”

According to the official website of the TKP, the political events have been scheduled as follows:

Istanbul, Thursday 12 May, 20:00 at Kadıköy Nâzım Hikmet Cultural Center, with speakers being Kemal Okuyan and Giorgos Marinos and a music concert by Los Obreros musical ensemble.

Antalya, Friday 13 May, 20:00 at Konyaaltı Municipality Nâzım Hikmet Fair and Congress Center, with speakers being Kemal Okuyan and Eliseos Vagenas. Music concert by Grup Homeland.

Ankara, Saturday 14 May, 17:30 at Nazim Hikmet Cultural Center, with Kemal Okuyan and Giorgos Marinos, including a music concert by Ercan-Gökhan Çağıran.

Adana, Sunday 15 May, 18:30 at Adana Orhan Kemal Culture Center Theater Hall, with Kemal Okuyan and Eliseos Vagenas, including a concert by Gülcan Altan.