Friday, October 15, 2021

Chilean Communist Party condemns police violence against Mapuche people

With the declaration of a state of emergency, police repression and militarization of four provinces Chilean President Sebastián Piñera responds to the extensive demonstrations by indigenous Mapuche groups.

The Mapuches, which are the main indigenous group in Chile, are claiming the lands they have lived off for centuries and now are under the control of large domestic and foreign farming and forestry companies. 

On Sunday, the death of indigenous human rights activist, Denisse Cortés, sparked indignation across Chile. The 43-year-old activist was killed on October 10 after national police forces brutally repressed a peaceful march by Mapuche groups in the capital Santiago. According to eyewitnesses, Cortés was hit in the neck by a tear gas canister fired by the police agents.

The Communist Party of Chile (PC), alongside other opposition parties, has strongly denounced the policy of repression exercised by the government of Piñera.

Camila Vallejo, a deputy of the Communist Party, blamed the police for Cortes’ unjust death. “The brutal repression of Carabineros in today’s march ended in the painful death of Denisse Cortés. Responsibilities should be clarified as soon as possible and why the police did not allow timely attention after she was injured. Anger, sadness and outrage. Justice for Denisse” she wrote on Twitter.