Wednesday, February 3, 2021

Germany's Die Linke party adopts anti-Cuban resolution

A recent decision of the German Die Linke party confirms what is already known: the role of social democracy as a timeless instrument of imperialism and an enemy of the working people. At its last meeting, the Party's executive committee decided to adopt a hostile position towards Cuba by declaring its support for the counter-revolutionary group known as “San Isidro Movement”.

According to Neues Deutschland newspaper, Die Linke - a leading member of the Party of the European Left - adopted with a majority of 90% a resolution about the “democratization of Cuban society”, with which it expresses solidarity with the so-called “dissidents”. Under the pretext of “human rights”, Die Linke's social democrats advocate in favor of the US-backed counter-revolutionary efforts in Cuba

Surpassing all limits of audacity and hypocrisy, the social democrats named their despicable  resolution as “Solidarity with Cuba”. But, in fact, Die Linke's solidarity goes to the U.S. government, the CIA and the anti-communist mafia in Miami.

The German working class, the country's men and women who consider themselves as socialists and leftists must turn their backs, once and for all, to Die Linke and its pseudo-leftist demagogues whose role has been exposed.