Monday, November 9, 2020

Russian communists paid tribute to the October Revolution in Moscow

With a flower-laying ceremony held on November 7th in Red Square, Moscow, communists honored the 103rd anniversary of the Great October Socialist Revolution

Wearing red masks due to the pandemic, workers, members and supporters of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation (CPRF) marched through Red Square in order to pay tribute to the most significant event of modern history. 

"There has been nothing more magnificent than the Great October", said CPRF chairman Gennady Zyuganov during his address, praising the achievements of the 1917 Revolution. 

He also blasted Russian media because while commemorating the iconic parade of November 7, 1941 - when the Red Army marched straight into the battle against the Nazis from the square - they didn't say a word about the reason the parade was held in the first place, which was to mark the October Revolution anniversary. 

Zyuganov also praised the decisive and invaluable role of Vladimir Lenin in the victory of the 1917 Revolution and called the people of the country to fight "for a strong, modern and socialist Russia, for the USSR!".