Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Golden Dawn Trial: The Nazi criminals must be punished!

The 18th of September 2020 marked the 7th anniversary since the brutal murder of anti-fascist musician Pavlos Fyssas by members of the criminal, neo-Nazi Golden Dawn gang. Just a few days before Fyssas’ murder in Piraeus, the Nazis had unleashed murderous attacks against immigrants and trade unionists belonging to the All-Workers Militant Front (PAME).

On the 7th anniversary since Fyssas’ murder, hundreds of people marched in Athens demanding the punishment of Golden Dawn’s criminals.

The much-awaited verdict of the judges on Golden Dawn trial, which began in March 2015, is going to be delivered on October 7th. Thanasis Kampagiannis, a member of the prosecution, has called the legal procedure against Golden Dawn as “the biggest trial of fascist criminality since Nuremberg”, involving a total of 69 defendants, including 18 ex-Parliament members.

For the 7 years since Pavlos Fyssas’ murder, the Press Bureau of the CC of the Communist Party of Greece (KKE) points out:

“We do not forget! We are fighting fascism and the system that generates it! In the long trial, for the delay of which there are serious governmental responsibilities, dozens of prosecution witnesses as well as thousands of documents, photos, videos, audios, etc., unquestionably expose the Nazi ideology of Golden Dawn as a motive of its criminal activity, but also its criminal nature and the responsibility of its leadership. After all, as a genuine Nazi organization and as history has shown us, Golden Dawn has in its DNA the organized and mass criminal activity, a prerequisite for which is the blind obedience to the leader. It is the ideology that arms the hand of the fascists in order to attack and kill immigrants, anti-fascists, pioneer trade unionists, communists”.

The KKE adds: 

“At the same time, Golden Dawn’s relations with sections of the state apparatus and employers were revealed to a significant degree. Typical examples are the tolerant, up to provocative, role of police officers during the murder of Pavlos Fyssas, as well as the collaboration of Golden Dawn with contractors and ship-owners in Perama shipyards zone against the class union and PAME”.  

 The statement of the Communist Party also stresses out: 

“All these were highlighted recorded and became public. That is why the people, the youth and, of course, the victims of the criminal-Nazi organization demand its exemplary punishment by the court. The trial must be concluded with the Nazis-criminals being in prison! After this trial, no one can rightly claim that does not know what Golden Dawn really means, what fascism, racism and nationalism mean. No complacency is justified. Especially today, when state repression is intensified, like with the new law on (the restriction) of demonstrations, the attack on the labor movement and the right to strike, the inhumane policy towards refugees and immigrants and, especially, the anti-communism which becomes the official EU ideology – all these which prepare the ground for the development of fascism”.

The KKE makes clear that it “will continue to fight and lead the struggle for the isolation of Golden Dawn and other fascists under whatever never they appear or mutated, everywhere, in workplaces, places of education, working-class neighborhoods, in the struggle for the contemporary needs and the rights of the workers and the youth. Fascism, like the womb that gives birth and feeds it, belongs in one place: In the garbage of History. The debt of every man towards P. Fyssas and all the victims of Nazi violence is described in the lyrics: Understand fascism deeply! It won’t die on his own; crush it!”. 

PAME: Punish the Nazi criminals of Golden Dawn

“Punish the Nazi criminals of Golden Dawn” is the message by the All-Workers Militant Front (PAME), in a statement issued on the occasion of the 7 years since Pavlos Fyssas’ murder. More specifically, PAME notes: 

Friday, September 18 marks 7 years since the murder of the anti-fascist musician PavlosFyssas, an act organized and led by the criminal-Nazi organization Golden Dawn, in continuation of the murderous attacks on immigrants and the trade unionists of PAME. 

Actions that even today remainunpunished, since the trial of the Nazis has lasted more than 5 years, with the criminals remaining free, and the prosecutor trying to clear them, paving the way for their acquittal. 

We have no illusions about the next day. Whatever the court ruling, the fascists will continue to be a useful backup for business groups and their governments. They have never stopped supporting all measures that violate our rights about collective agreements, health and safety in the workplace. They play their part whenever their bosses call on them to prevent employees from raising their heads, so that silence prevails in the workplaces reinforcing fear and compromise. 

The unions have the power to isolate the fascists by organizing struggles that aim at the cause that cultivates, feeds and ultimately uses them whenever and however it suits business groups, EU and government: That is the visible enemy, capitalism. 

The developments confirm what the Trade Unions said before the Nazi formation shrank electorally, its executives changed parties and the movement canceled its criminal activity with its struggle. Fascism will not die by itself, we have to crush it! 

We continue the struggle against the escalating anti workers attack. We will not allow the working-class and the popular strata to pay again the new crisis, the huge shortcomings in the public health system. We strengthen the struggle against the escalation of the country’s involvement in imperialist plans.This is the only way to deal with fascists, no matter what formations they invent. 

We call unions and organizations of the popular movement on Wednesday, October 7 at 10 in the morning outside the Court where the decision in the trial of Golden Dawn will be announced. 

We demand: Punish the Nazi criminals of Golden Dawn.