Monday, March 23, 2020

Marco Rizzo: "Covid-19 killed EU and capitalism. The only solution is socialism"

Interviewed by, the General Secretary of the CC of the Communist Party, Italy (Partito Comunista) Marco Rizzo analyzed the actual reasons behind the dramatic situation that exists in Italy due to the COVID-19 pandemic

“The dramatic health situation that Italy is experiencing these days shows clearly how in the last 30 years, since the fall of the Berlin Wall and the disappearance of the Soviet Union, the entire welfare state and public healthcare of our country has been dismantled”, points out Rizzo. 

The General Secretary says that during these very difficult times for the Italian people, the European Union “has literally disappeared”, adding that solidarity has arrived in Italy from countries “such as Cuba, Venezuela, Vietnam and China, which have a different approach to this matter”. 

According to Marco Rizzo, alongside the health emergency, a huge economic will come soon. “The lesson to be learned is that superiority exists where the economy is based on the collective and not on profit. Capitalism gives you the superfluous, socialism gives you the necessary” stresses out the communist leader. 

Comparing capitalism with socialism, Rizzo points out among other things: “With capitalism you can go on an Erasmus course, but you don’t have nurseries and maternity hospitals. With capitalism you can travel to London with Ryanair for 10 euros, but when you return to Italy you have no home and no work. Socialism gives you what you need: home, work, health, education and transport. That is what makes a big coyntry and not the new jobs with the girls who are influencers and don’t move their ass for less than 80 thousand euros. Capitalism brings nothing but disvalues”. 

The General Secretary of the Communist Party, Italy warns that an economic crisis will hit small businesses and unemployment will rise more. He reaffirms his Party’s position that after the health emergency, Italy must exit from the Eurozone, the European Union and NATO, while unecessary military spending must be cancelled. 

“We are at war and we can overcome it only with another model of society, the socialist one” Rizzo concludes.